Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Tomorrow morning we're headed to Bismarck to start the journey home, and I am SO EXCITED.  I am really really really looking forward to seeing my family and I can't believe I'm going to be seeing them so soon.  We'll be traveling all day tomorrow and we get in late that night, so I probably won't get to see anyone except for my brother, who's picking us up from the airport.  But that's okay, because I love sweet Huntie!

Today I had my 2nd interview/lunch with the people I met yesterday.  It went well, it was just completely not what I expected.  When the HR lady called to say they wanted me to come eat lunch with the whole department and meet everyone, I assumed I would basically get quizzed all during lunch and it would be just like the interview yesterday.  I was wrong.  It was just lunch.  I met the people in the department that weren't in the interview yesterday, and they were super nice (bonus-and dog people!), and I really liked everyone.  I kept waiting for the interview questions to come during lunch, but we just talked.  They talked about people in their office that I was clueless about, and they'd ask me questions about Texas and stuff, but that was really it.   All in all, it was actually a really enjoyable lunch.  They said they'd make a decision within the next week, so hopefully I'll know something soon.  I guess the only negative about lunch was that the cafeteria food was not the best.  I just had a sandwich because I was too scared to try the cream of asparagus soup, but it was still dicey.  I looked everywhere for the hospital bar, but just couldn't find one, which of course, was a let down.

Every time I watch that, it surprises me when Lucille is out of the shot, but you can hear her laughing.  Makes me laugh every single time.  Lucille Bluth is truly an inspiration.

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