Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wind pants

Today was a pretty boring day.  Basically all I did was go to the gym, run a couple of errands, and go to Bible study.  Seriously, really boring.  My main goal for today was to find a pair of wind pants, since it's been getting really cold and it's supposed to snow this weekend.  Walking the dogs is getting to be pretty uncomfortable, so I really need some wind pants to cut down on how cold I get.  I went to Walmart again, and went to Runnings, which is a mixture of Academy and Tractor Supply, and I STILL cannot find any wind pants in this town.  How is that possible? I feel like I've been to every place in town that sells clothes, and I can't find what I want.  But I won't give up.  I will go to every single store in this town, no matter how disgusting and trashy, if I have to. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, DICKINSON.

I've been pretty bored without Jacob here this week, and I've started watching the series Damages, with Glenn Close.  Honestly, I'm kind of forcing myself to watch it to see how the murder plot turns out.  I was tempted to turn it off in the first episode when they showed that one of the main characters had a dog-obviously the dog was killed in that first episode.  UGH.  And they've already replaced that dog with a new puppy.  Guaranteed to get killed. UGH

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