Friday, November 4, 2011

Good Day

I am thrilled to tell you I made it through my 10 mile run today, and it was not too bad.  Nothing compared to last week's run, that's for sure.  Just thinking about that makes me think about quitting running for life.  Despite a couple bouts of nausea, I made it through the run with a little energy to spare.  It's the first time during a long run where I actually thought I could make it the full 13.1 miles, which is good, since the race is OFFICIALLY one month away. 

When I came home from the gym, the boys were all amped up for their walk, but since my legs were pretty stiff, I figured I'd just take them back to the park, and let them run around a bit.  It was a pretty amazing day, I have to say.  I felt great (minus the sore legs) after my run, and was able to sit and read at the dog park while the boys ran around, peeing on things.  These last couple of days have been pretty tiring for the boys, though, and poor Andy just can't get caught up on his sleep.
Today I finished Damages, season 1, and I'm just ultimately not that impressed.  I was on the last episode, the one that was supposed to wrap up the whole season, and give lots of twists and turns, and I ended up doing the dishes during it, only half listening.  I still have a couple days left before Jacob comes home, so I need to find something else to watch.  Although tomorrow I'll probably watch a lot of football, and I think I'm going to do something with my neighbor--we're going to see a movie or go get some lunch.  So basically I need something to watch on Sunday.  ESPECIALLY if it snows, because I won't want to go anywhere.

I went to Walmart tonight to buy a needle and thread to sew up all of the soft toys the dogs have destroyed.  Our floor is COVERED in stuffing from the toys, and I'm sick of picking it up all day.  While there, I realized I needed to get a birthday card for my nephew (Ashley, tell him it's in the mail! I haven't forgotten), and the card selection was AWFUL.  I normally pride myself on being able to find pretty good birthday cards.  Maybe the people I send them to aren't impressed, but I don't buy them if they don't make me laugh and make me think of that person.  I just could not find anything for my sweet nephew, Hayden.  I think I picked up every single birthday card that wasn't labeled as "For Woman."  The card selection was just shockingly bad.  Also, I was very confused because I counted, no joke, 7 cards with the general idea of "it's your birthday, have so much fun you'll pee your pants."  What?!  Why are there so many birthday cards centered around wetting yourself?  Even more disturbing was one card that had a picture of a dachshund on the front that said something like "It's your birthday, don't just stay home and play with your wiener."  Seriously?!  Is there really anyone buying that?  Don't get me wrong, I've got the maturity of a middle schooler, but even I thought that was dumb.  I just don't know who is buying that card.  I don't see a 40 year old woman being like "oh boy, that's funny!  I'll send it to my dad!" and guys don't buy birthday cards, so....try again, Hallmark.  There were a couple cards labeled "Birthday with an edge" that were kind of funny, but probably not appropriate for Hayden.  I might be willing to try it with Tanner, but I'm just not prepared for the Grandma Trlica style lecture I would get from Ashley if I sent one of these cards.  Not worth it.

I've got an infomercial on right now for Nu Wave Oven.  I gotta say, it's totally working.  I don't necessarily want to buy the thing, but now I am finding myself craving both cinnamon rolls AND steak.  Both of which you can cook so easily in the Nu Wave Oven!  It's so easy, and it will save you money AND help you lose weight!  Seriously, you guys, if you ever see this infomerical on, don't change the channel.  It's pretty awesome.  This guy nearly had an aneurysm over some salmon the lady made.  Also, one of the people they just interviewed said this "Being a middle school PE teacher, I know how hungry kids are when they come home from school."  Huh?  "The Nu Wave Oven would be great for almost any household." Well, I don't have kids, PE Teacher.  THANKS FOR RUBBING IT IN.  "It's just perfect for an after school snack.  It's fast, it's easy, and so healthy."  No joke, he's saying this, as they cut to the kids eating hot dogs.  Oh yes, quite healthy Mr. PE.  Good thing you don't teach nutrition. 

Well my brain just officially crapped out on me.  I was looking at the word "yes" thinking how weird it's spelled, so I think it's just time for me to go to bed.  My sweet Oscie's been sleeping for the last 7 hours, but hopefully I can get him to come lay down with me.  Goodnight, friends.  Tomorrow's post might have snow pictures, so be on the lookout for that.

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