Sunday, November 13, 2011

RIP Maca

Jacob and I found out today that Maca passed away, and we are equally sad and happy about it.  She was in pain towards the end, and we are so glad that she doesn't have to suffer anymore.  I'm so thankful that Jacob was able to go see her before the pain really set in and they were able to spend time together, just as he likes to remember her.  My heart breaks for the whole family because I know she will be so missed.  I only got to be around her a handful of times, but Maca was there for some of the most amazing days of my life, and that's really special to me.  She was a funny lady with a sharp tongue who kept everybody on their toes, and she will not be forgotten.  Please continue to keep the family in your prayers as we all prepare to get together in Colorado to celebrate her life and enjoy the blessing she was to so many people.  Please pray for strength as the family grieves, but also the ability to be joyful of her salvation and her peace in Heaven.

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