Monday, November 28, 2011

Shopping= Mood Booster

Well we are less than ONE WEEK away from the half marathon, and I'm getting pretty excited about it.  Not so much because I'm excited about the race, but I am super ready to be done with training.  Even though I had a great run Thanksgiving morning for the Turkey Trot 10k, when I ran today I felt serious pains in my legs.  The vice-grip on my left leg came back and I spent the entire four miles trying to shake off what felt like iron shackles around my shin.  Here's hoping that my runs the rest of the week go better and I don't feel like my leg is in a tourniquet during the run on Sunday.

Lately I've been consumed (semi-exaggeration) with finding a dress to wear for Jacob's office Christmas party.  Since all my nice dresses are in storage and I need something in two weeks, I needed to order something online.  I took advantage of the Cyber Monday sales, and I found a dress I really love, and only spent $49.  HI-YO!
Granted, I'm not a size 0 model with skinny arms, but I still think it will be cute.  If only I had set my cute green or red heels aside to wear with it for the party.  Oh well.  Black peep toes will have to do.

I was pretty successful in my online shopping today.  I managed to get several presents for Jacob, and one present for another individual who was a huge help in picking out the party dress.  I won't go into anymore detail than that since said individual is not good at waiting for presents and will probably want me to tell her what I bought.  Not gonna happen, friend.  Still, I've never been in such good shape for Christmas at this point.  Granted, I don't have much purchased, but I at least know what I'm going to get for most people, so that's a start. 

Poor little Oscie boy has still not gotten all of his winter coat in, and he gets so cold some days.  I decided to look for a dog sweater and found one that I LOVE, but they don't have it in an XL, which is what he would need.
Come on, Target, MAKE IT HAPPEN.  I can't even tell you how much Andy loves his toy dreidel, and I am confident that he would be crazy jealous of the swagger Oscar would have in this sweater.  I honestly don't think it's too much to ask.

This morning, when I was checking my email, I saw that I had one from Herbergers (yeah, I get daily emails) with a coupon for an additional 15%.  I considered this a sign from God that I would not only be getting the job at the hospital, but that I should also reward myself with that Fossil purse for doing so.  Unfortunately the rest of the day went by with no word about the job...bummer.  I'm really hoping to hear something tomorrow, since that will have been a week since they brought me in to eat lunch with them.  To be honest, I can't really wait much longer because that purse will be be gone, and I will be very annoyed.


  1. In my DEFENSE, I love presents and hate anticipation! Also, I love that dog sweater.

  2. Who said I was talking about you?!

    I was, though. And I think it will be worth the anticipation.