Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Gloves Are Coming Off

You might recall my frustration last week when there was no one working on our house, despite our builder promising us that there would be people there Thursday.  I have driven by everyday since last Wednesday, and I have yet to see any workers. Everyday there are no workers, I call our builder to get an update, since we're exactly one month from the date he said the house would be completed.  Naturally, being the good businessman he is, I have received NO phone call in return.  My voicemail today was pretty exasperated and very clearly stated how irritated I was that he had yet to return my calls.  When that got me nowhere, I called our realtor, who also screened my call, and I left her a voicemail, asking for an update.  When I got no response from her, Jacob called, and actually got ahold of her.  Now, I wasn't there when he talked to her, so all my information of the conversation comes from Jacob, but he doesn't exaggerate like I do, so I tend to think the conversation went just as he says.  Basically, Jacob started the conversation saying that he had been trying to get a hold of our builder, and the realtor cut him off and was "Don't call him!  Stop bothering him!  Leave him alone!!!" 
Excuse me!?  We have been dealing with the builder since this whole process started, and it's never been an issue.  You must be outside your mind if you think I can't call him and ask questions about MY FREAKING HOUSE.  ALSO, Sweetie, last time I checked, YOU WORK FOR ME,  Jacob said our realtor was really rude about the whole thing, and basically shut him down when he asked if she would just follow up with the builder to make sure we're still on schedule.  She said that unless we hear otherwise, we should just assume everything is on schedule. 
CONSIDERING THEY GOT STARTED ON CONSTRUCTION 2 MONTHS LATER THAN THEY TOLD US THEY WOULD, THAT DOESN'T FREAKING WORK, IDIOT.  I'm not really sure why we should be expected to assume everything is going as scheduled when no one's been working for a WEEK.  Jacob said he made it very clear that we would stop calling the builder as long as the house is completed on the day that was promised, and if it can't be, we need to be told right away.  She didn't seem to care, and just kept insisting that we leave the builder alone.  Here's the thing.  She's working for both of us, so she's basically getting double commission on this whole thing, which pisses me off more than you'll ever know, but still SHE'S WORKING FOR US TOO.  I told Jacob that if that house is not ready come December 15th, he's going to have to hold me back, because the angry black woman inside me is gonna LOSE HER FREAKING MIND on that realtor.  I already have a speech prepared for her, where I ask her to amend the paperwork, showing she only represents the builder, seeing as how she cares so little for our interests, and obviously only cares about maintaining her relationship (which may or may not be sexual) with the builder.  Let's just say, I'm not happy about the whole thing, and the next time I see her, I might be ripping that little feather extension right out of her hair. 

Today when I took the dogs for a walk, I was so miserable, I can't even describe it.  I think the temperature was right around 30, maybe just below, but the windchill was insane, and it was like 30+mph winds.  I had lots of layers on, but the whole first half of the walk was into the wind, and I was getting so frustrated at how awful it was, I just started crying.  Not even just a little pathetic pity-party cry,.  I was full-on sobbing on the streets of Dickinson.  I could just feel the wind cutting through all 4 of my layers and going through my gloves and hat so that it felt like my ears were being cut with a million razorblades and I just wanted to go home.  All I could think about was how long the winter is, and my attitude just got worse and worse.  I'm hoping it was just a bad day and I was emotional from all the frustrations, but it was really so miserable.  I made the mistake of checking the weather right now, and it says it's 16, but feels like 3.  THREE FREAKING DEGREES, YOU GUYS.  I think I'm going to have to be heavily medicated for these next several months.

Tonight for Bunco, I ended up making these Cherry Blossoms with puff pastry, and they were GOOD.  Super easy, too, so I'll for sure make them again.  I'm not sure how many people had some, but one lady asked me for the recipe, and my neighbor took some home, so that's a good sign, right?  If you need a tasty baked treat, I would recommend them.  Bunco was really fun again tonight, and I made $10, so I can't complain.  One of the other ladies there was having a very good time, as I think she had 6 glasses of Sangria.  At one point she spanked the wife of the boss of Jacob's whole office....not really sure she's the kind of lady that goes for those kinds of shenanigans.  She also seemed to slip into another world when Rolling in the Deep came on, and put more heart and soul into it than 99% of the contestants on American Idol.  I really believe she lost track of where she was, because it was a much more seductive version of the song than the way Adele sings it.  I'll say it was interesting and leave it at that.

I finished watching The Next Three Days last night, and ended up liking it.  I still hate Russell Crowe, but it was a decent movie.  The movie is about this man whose wife is convicted of murder, and since he can't prove her innocence, he decides to come up with a way to break her out of jail.  It was tense and I found myself more stressed than I should admit to see how things played out.  I guess I expected a different ending, but you don't always get what you want.  I liked the movie, but wouldn't watch it again, so I gave it 3 stars on Netflix.

OH!  I just remembered!  I have good news--one of those jobs I really wanted wants me to come in for an interview next week!  It'd be a super baller job because it's a part time Marketing Assistant for the hospital, so I'd still get to do my own thing in the morning, and then go into work in the afternoon.  So pray for me that I prepare for the interview well and don't act completely awkward.  The interview is next Monday, so I'll let you know how it goes.....

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