Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shout Out to Dana

Big time shout out to Dana for a baller recipe I got from her.  Tonight I made her Chicken Enchilada Spaghetti, and it was really good.  Like Dana, I was apprehensive because Mexican food and pasta don't typically go together in my book, but this was really good.  Creamy and delicious.  Plus, I needed the pasta tonight for my long run tomorrow, so that's a total bonus.  Major props to you, Dana.  If you're interested (or just intrigued), go here for the recipe from her blog.  Totally worth it. 

At the end of my yoga class today, my instructor said that there were a couple pregnant ladies in the class, and she was going to start adding some prenatal yoga moves.  There are only three people in this yoga class that are under 55--one is me, another is the adorable girl I tried to kill with my shank eyes the other day, and the last is some mousy lady who seems like she's always just put down her needlepoint in time for class.  My instructor continued, saying that since there were two pregnant people, she wanted to include things specifically for them, and we would probably notice the changes to our normal routine.  Cue the baby fever going into overdrive.  Since the cute pregnant girl wasn't in class today, the only ones in the class that were of child-bearing age were myself and Mindy McNeedlepoint.  As soon as my instructor finished talking, I noticed like 5 of the women giving me sweet smiles and understanding faces, obviously assuming I'm one of the pregnant ladies.  Nope.  Sorry everybody, I'm just retaining water.  But thanks for rubbing it in. 

This time tomorrow I'm hoping to be two Mike's Hard Lemonades into my movie, because we got Fast Five through Netflix and I can't wait to watch it.  I saw the movie opening night with my brother, and ended up with a crazy case of church giggles because there was one scene especially that was completely ludicrous (Ludacris pun NOT intended, but awesome nonetheless).  Not to mention the crazy sexual tension between Vin Diesel and The Rock.
 I am really hoping Jacob loves it as much as I did, and I have to admit, I've basically been counting down the days until we could watch it.  Maybe some people think that's sad.  I think it's admirable to find joy in something so pathetic.

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  1. Loving the shout out!!!!! We already got THREE hits from here, all of which are probably from me...... So glad you enjoyed it!!!!