Friday, November 4, 2011

Who Wants to See Some Drywall?

Our house is looking more and more like real house everyday, which is pretty awesome.  The drywall is done, and now we're waiting for the meters so they can heat the house so it doesn't freeze when they do the texturing.  I think....honestly I have no idea.  But here's what the house looks like right now.  I didn't take pictures of every room.  Just the ones where you could really see something, rather than just a wall.

The view from the front door, looking upstairs to the breakfast area.
Up the stairs, facing the pantry.
The living room.
 Standing in front of the pantry, facing the hallway.  Our bedroom is the room at the end of the hallway..

The master bedroom.  The windows face the backyard.
The hallway downstairs.

The downstairs living room, facing the front of the house
One of the downstairs bedrooms. Not sure which room Andy will claim.
 Not sure which bathroom this is, but they all pretty much look the same, anyways.
The garage.

I'll write a real post later, just wanted to get these pictures put up.  

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