Monday, November 14, 2011

Andy & Oscar's 1st Snow

It snowed a few times here today.  It didn't stick or anything, it would just start snowing out of nowhere, and then 15 minutes later it would stop.  This afternoon I was about to take the boys for a walk, when I noticed it was snowing like crazy.  I let them outside with me so they could see the snow.  The snowflakes were HUGE and I figured there was no way they could miss it.  It looked like packing peanuts were falling out of the sky.  Oscar was clueless--I kept trying to get him to notice, but he thought I was pointing out a nearby animal, so he had his head on a swivel while the snow accumulated on his back.  Andy, on the other hand, figured out right away it was not worth getting wet, so he stood in the doorway with his head sticking out far enough that he could eat the snow off the ground, but not get any on him.  Say what you will about his diva attitude, the guy is smart.

I got a phone call this morning from a guy I had submitted my resume to.  Nothing says "I'm professional and reliable" like getting woken up out of a deep sleep and scrambling to take your retainers out when speaking to someone for the first time.  He called to say that he had accidentally deleted the email with my resume, and asked if I would send it again.  It's not an interview, but at least he wanted the resume!  I'm going to call him tomorrow (after I've taken my retainers out) and make sure he got the email and see if I can weasel my way into an interview.

Tomorrow's going to be a pretty busy day for me.  I need to do a three mile run, go to yoga, walk the dogs, check on the progress at the house, go to Herbergers to get a shirt for Jacob, do my grocery shopping, make dinner for Jacob, and make some sort of baked treat for Bunco ALL before 6:30.  I realize the mothers out there are probably like "is this chick for real?" but that's a lot for me, okay?  You're talking about a lady who usually goes to the gym and walks the dogs. PERIOD. END OF DAY. 

Last night I started the movie The Next Three Days with Russell Crowe (ehh) and Elizabeth Banks.  I'm planning on finishing it tonight, so I'll let you know what I think about it, but so far I'm having a VERY hard time not seeing Elizabeth Banks as Avery Jessup on 30 Rock. 

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