Friday, November 18, 2011

Tales From Colorado

I didn't get to write anything last night because we were crazy busy trying to get ready for our trip to Colorado, so let's see if I can remember what I wanted to say yesterday....

So Thursday I did my long run, and I'm VERY excited to say I was able to run 11 miles!!!!!!  The first three were pretty miserable because it felt like my left leg had been stuck in cement and I was dragging shackles around, but after that I was able to lose the pain in my legs and go pretty easily until about mile 9.  Unfortunately, after my run I started to feel really, really sick.  I'm not sure what caused it, but I could barely move, because I wanted to barf all over everything.  At about 3:30, I started to get really nervous because I couldn't get out of bed (unless I was putting the hurt on the bathroom), and I had my interview at 5:15.  At about 4:30, when I realized I was not capable of sitting up or answering questions, I realized I needed to reschedule my interview.   I felt really crappy about doing that, but I'd rather reschedule, rather than suck it up and go in and toss my cookies all over the interviewer.  Interviewer:  "Tell me about a time when you had a difficulty in the workplace."  Me:  "I'd probably say a couple minutes ago when I farted so bad you started gagging and then I accidentally threw up on your notepad."  So now my interview is for Monday at 5:15, so both of my interviews are on Monday, so at least I can just get it all over with in one day.

After dinner, Jacob and I had to take the boys to the kennel to be boarded this weekend.  I don't think anyone will be surprised to hear that I broke down and sobbed like I was giving up my child.  It really felt like my own Sophie's Choice when I had to drive away with Jacob, leaving Andy and Oscar behind. 
 When we came home from the kennel, my whole heart felt like it was broken.  Also, I was making snacks for our roadtrip (white chocolate popcorn), and every time I dropped a piece of popcorn (one of Andy's favorite snacks), I would melodramatically crinkle up my face and be like "If only he were around to eat that."  It was pretty pathetic.  Lazy too, because I got so sick of picking up those popcorn kernels.  I'll admit, I kicked a fair number of them underneath the oven.

Today, (Saturday) Jacob and I got up and left Dickinson by about 6:45 a.m., and headed out to Colorado.  I think it was supposed to be about a 10 hour drive, but somehow we did it in less than 9.  It was not that bad of a drive, really, and even though we drove through a little bit of snow, it was actually pretty great weather (besides some 40 mph winds).  It was so great tonight to see all of the family and the aunts, uncles and cousins and just get to hang out and talk to people.  It's gonna be a bummer when we have to go home and just hang out together.  Not that Jacob and I don't enjoy our time together, but I think sometimes Jacob could use a break from my pooping and/or animal stories.

Tomorrow is the memorial service for Maca, and I think it's going to be pretty emotional.  Thanks for all the prayers, and please continue for the family as they process their grief, and get closure.  I look forward to celebrating the life Maca had and the relationships and families that have come about from her and Grampi's marriage, and I am so thankful for that.  Keep the prayers coming, folks.

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