Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Technological Difficulties

Today has not been a great day for me, electronically.  While I was running today, my ipod died.  When I say died, I don't mean the battery died and it's charging now and works fine.  I mean RIP ipod, thanks for the memories.  And if that doesn't make you feel crappy enough, Apple programs the thing to give you this icon:

 Thanks so much, Apple.  Like I needed the sad face with X's for eyes to communicate to me that I'm about to be out $150.  What would Steve GOBS have to say about that?

After I walked the dogs this afternoon, I decided I wanted to watch some streaming Netflix, but NATURALLY my instant queue was messed up.  So for the second day in a row, I spent 20 minutes on the phone with Netflix, trying to get the situation sorted out.  The girl was basically no help and told me that the technicians were working on my account, and they would try to get my instant queue fixed soon, but it might erase all the movies I have stored in there, so I'll probably have to add all those back in.  When I realized she had no clue, I just asked how long I should expect until it's working.  Her response, "it should be fixed by today."  What does that mean.  Fixed by today?  Is that even a phrase?  If it was fixed by today, it would be working currently, right?  Ugh.  Currently it's still not working, but it's still today, so I guess I just have to wait.  Not long after I got off the phone with Netflix, Tom called me and quickly told me that I sounded like an underwater robot, so he hung up.  When he called back and I was still robotic, we realized it was my phone, so I had to turn my phone off and call him back.  So I guess the girl at Netflix thought she was talking to Small Wonder that whole time.  
I was telling Tom my electronic woes and how everything was going wrong, and twice during the conversation my cell phone dropped the call.  Perfect.  Thanks, irony!  I called him back and he said that he had full bars, so he didn't know why we kept losing each other, and I again told him it was because I was having such bad luck today.  His response: "Good thing you don't have a pacemaker."

It has been snowing the entire day today.  Like, since I woke up, I have not seen it stop, which really sucks.  Oscar seems a bit clueless about the whole thing, and Andy really loves eating snowballs and licking the snow off of our neighbor's doormat.  The cold weather in general makes Oscar really crazy, which you can see here:
I took some pictures of what it looks like outside, but these were all taken at like 3 pm, so everything got way more covered in snow.  I just can't take pictures after 4pm since the sun goes down then.
You can see here where Oscar and I walked to the mailbox.
Don't we have such a beautiful view out our front windows?  I still have no idea what that giant garage is for and what those iron things are, but it's not pretty.
 Again, this is early in the day.  The grass is totally covered now.  Perfect for making snowballs for the dogs to eat.

Despite the snow, Oscar still begged for a walk, so I bundled up (five layers on top) and took him.  The first half was not so bad because the snow was blowing into our backs, and since I was so puffed up, I wasn't even very cold.  The second half, we were walking into the wind and snow and it seemed like every flurry was landing directly on my eyeballs.  As we got close to home, it started to burn so bad that I felt like my eyes were getting boiled.  Great Zeus and Athena, it was painful.  I kept saying to the dogs "Help!  Mom's gone blind!"  After about three minutes of rubbing my eyes, I realized it wasn't just the frozen snow drops pelting my eyeballs that was hurting, it was the water washing all of my mascara into my eyes.  I went into the bathroom to try to get the mascara out of my eyes and was startled at the look of myself.  It looked like I had been trapped inside a coal mine explosion.  I wiped my eyes for several minutes and got 99% of it off, and then realized I should take a picture to show you how gross, grey, and raccoony I was:
It's fine, we're all thinking it.  I need a nose job.  That's just what happens when you mix Czech and German with a drop of Jewish (allegedly).  But yeah, this picture doesn't really do it justice.  It was solid black from my lash line to my eyebrows, and extending down to  my nose.  I still have a grey streak down the right side of my face that got smeared almost out to my ear.  Should I be worried that Jacob didn't notice that when he came home?

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