Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How Long Until It Gets Warm?

Another super boring day here.  Potentially even more so than yesterday, which says a lot.  At one point I got really excited because Jacob called and said he had talked to our builder and that our cabinets were in.  I quickly dropped what I was doing (drinking juice) and headed over to our house.  Unfortunately, I think what our builder meant was that the cabinets were finished and in his shop, NOT in our house, ready to be installed.  Major bummer.  But hopefully those should be getting installed in the next couple of weeks.  

Tomorrow I have to take Andy to the vet to get him updated on his shots for when we board the dogs this month.  I am already dreading that, since I know I'll be crying for a solid three hours after we drop them off.  The vet I go to his out in the boonies, and it takes over 30 minutes to get there, but it's totally worth it because the boys like the people that work there, and there is usually a horse outside in the field next door.  The horse alone normally makes Andy's week.  Also, sometimes if I'm lucky, I'll see some bison on the drive up there.  Look at this face and try not to tell me it's just a giant Oscar:
I know they are really fast and "dangerous" but I want to pet one SO BAD.  That furry face!  I love it so much.

We're taking a Riemer family picture over Thanksgiving weekend, and the attire is white shirts and jeans.  Since I didn't put any of my white shirts into temporary living (not sure I had any to put into temporary living), looks like I need to do a little shopping. Lucky for me, I'm on Herberger's email list now, so I get sent coupons.  Pretty baller, I know.  Also, I really need some new jeans.  For awhile I had lost some weight and none of my jeans were fitting me.  It was pretty awesome, but that phase is over now, and I'm back to filling out my jeans and then some.  I have a hard time finding a pair that fits me without being too tight, but is also comfortable enough without basically being jncos.  What I need is a pair of jeans that give me Michael Scott-style confidence:

Okay I have a confession to make--I've had a touch of baby fever lately.  I can almost hear Ashley calling me right now.  Anyways, I started my period today, and for those of you keeping track (at least 95% of you), you probably realize it's only been like 2 1/2 weeks since my last period.  Thanks, erratic hormones! Irregular cycles are so fun.  Anyways, I went to my yoga class today, and saw that this girl who just started coming to our class is pregnant.  Adorably pregnant too.  It's very unfortunate to her that I started my period this morning, because I gave her every dirty look in my repertoire- crook eye, stink eye, side eye, evil eye.  Every last one.  I was thisclose to yelling at her while we were mid-Downward Dog, saying "SHE STOLE MY BABY!"  I felt very much like crazy Claire on LOST.
Hopefully the baby craziness will pass, and rather than paranoid baby-obsessed Claire, I can go back to being nappy-headed angry Claire,.

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