Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Like A Boss

Guess who got called for another interview today!  I'm pretty excited about it, myself.  Normally when I submit my resume, I'm pretty sure people just put it straight into the paper shredder because I never even get a call to interview.  I happened to be in the dressing room at Herbergers with no pants on when the guy called me today, so that was a little awkward because I had terrible reception, but I couldn't be like "oh hey, guy, I can't hear you too well, so lemme pull some pants on and call you right back."  So somehow I've only spoken to this guy twice, once with a mouthful of retainer, and the other time, pantless and robotic sounding, but he still wants to meet me.  Maybe he just wants to see how nerdy and awkward I am in real life?  At least I won't disappoint him there....
So when he called me it was probably about 1:30, and we were trying to set up a time for the interview and he was like "well 4:30 should work for us."  Say what now, Charles?  No, I'm going to need a little time to prepare for this.  So my interview is tomorrow at 5:15, and I'm pretty nervous, but that's also partly because tomorrow I have to drop the dogs off to be boarded and I'm really stressing out about that.  I'm hoping they don't ask me something like "describe a time when you had what seemed to be an insurmountable problem, and you worked through it" because I'm pretty sure I'll start weeping and say "This moment right now is one of the worst of my life because I should be with my dogs because they have to be at the kennel in like an hour and I DON'T KNOW WHY I'M WASTING IT ON YOU PEOPLE."  Note to self: don't act like a crazy animal person in the interview; wait until you're hired to unleash that facet of your personality.

Also while I was pantless in the dressing room, I got a phone call from our builder.  Not sure why I got so much done while trying on jeans, but obviously I should be doing this more often.  Anyways, it was kind of awkward because he was just calling to ask a question about the paint we selected, and he made some snide comment about how "someday soon we'll get the painters in there.  I don't want to say when because if they aren't there, I don't want to get a phone call."  Seriously guy?  I let it slide, because there's no point in picking a fight, but then Jacob told me tonight that before the builder got ahold of me, he had called Jacob and made an even more annoying comment.  He asked Jacob the same question about the paint, but Jacob said he didn't know, and he'd ask me, so the builder said "well talk to Hayley and have her call me when she decides.  If she's calling to tell me about the paint, that's great, but if she's calling to tell me there's no work being done, I'm not going to call back."  What the hell, dude?  OBVIOUSLY you're annoyed with me calling you, but there is a VERY simple solution.  The first time I called, you should have called me back.  You would have avoided so many annoying voicemails from me.  I don't know why his comments bother me so much, because I really feel like I didn't do anything wrong, it just bothers me to think he's talking about me to our realtor and saying how annoying I"m being.  I really and truly don't think it's too much to call and ask for an update on whether our house will be completed on time when we're trying to schedule the movers and our closing.  Maybe I shouldn't have called him everyday, but I don't want anyone to feel like they can just blow off my phone call and decide it's not worth their time to call me back.  Anyways, it's just irritating me.  So much so that I'm really afraid that the next time I see them, I'm going to overcompensate and be too friendly and be like "oh hey girl, LOVE your feather extension!! I totally want one LOL" to my realtor, and "this is the greatest house I've ever seen in my whole life.  I feel like we should pay you DOUBLE!" to the builder. 

Today I prepared myself much better for my walk with the dogs, and I'm happy to report there were ZERO tears! Huzzah!  I wore four layers up top and had my face so covered up, I looked like a serial killer, but we were able to even take a long walk, and after forty minutes, I realized my chin was sweating from my breath inside my face mask.  Delightful, huh?  Seriously, I was quite the sight on this walk  You know how in movies with bad writing, they'll have a bad guy and it's like the writers don't know how to prove he's bad, so they just cover everything but his eyes, and tell him to look really shifty?
Minus the sword (and the assumed Asian nationality) this is exactly what I looked like.  Head to toe black, shifty, sneaky eyes, and a couple of dogs who were out to pee in every yard.  Even though it was only 20 something degrees, we made it through just fine, so hopefully things go just as well tomorrow. 

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt a long run in the morning.  Pray that my legs feel good and strong and for my will power.  I think the hardest part about trying a long run after last week will be the mental aspect, because I know I'll just want to quit again.  Here's hoping I make it through.

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