Monday, November 7, 2011

I Continue to Be Awkward

Not much to say about today, it was pretty boring.  I have a feeling I'm going to be saying that a lot this winter, since there's only like six hours of daylight, and I want to spend the entire day under covers.  I even went to Walmart today, and it was pretty unexciting.  Although the cold has not quite driven away the gypsies like I was expecting it to yet--there were 9 RVs in the parking lot when I went. 

I had to do a five mile run today at the gym, which kinda sucked.  For some reason , my legs were just so tight, and I had a hard time with the run.  I was motivated to run fast, though, because there was this PYT running on the track, and she was really proud of herself.  I made it my goal that she would not pass me, so I ran faster than I would normally.  AND SHE NEVER PASSED ME.  Suck it, pretty girl.  After about a mile, the pretty girl quit, and I was back to running slow and not being motivated by bitterness.  So I began to look down, and watch the people lifting weights as I ran--the track is on the second floor of the gym, and goes around the whole width of it, so you can see everything on the first floor as you run.  I saw my yoga instructor and another lady in my yoga class lifting weights together, and as I saw them, they looked up and saw me.  Now normally I avoid eye contact with people because running makes me turn cherry red and I make pooping faces, but unfortunately they already spotted me looking at them, so I had to wave.  They waved back, but in my attempt to play it cool with my wave, I wasn't paying attention to the fact that I was coming up on a corner, and I rammed my hip bone into the railing.  It.Hurt.  Honestly, it gave me crazy goosebumps from the sharp pain and felt like I broke off part of my hip, but it's just bruised.  I'd like to think the women didn't see me run into the railing, but I'm sure they totally did.  I'm just so sick of looking awkward and stupid, you know?  Like good ol Leo, here, I always look like I'm just waltzing into my Special Ed class:
What I would give to have the confidence, attitude and swagger of Tina Fey's daughter, Alice. 

Tonight for dinner I made a recipe I got from my brother, and since I don't know what it's called I've just been calling it Huntie Pizza.  It was really good; it had olive oil, garlic, spinach, 3 cheeses (mozzarella, colby jack, feta), sliced red onions, and spicy smoked sausage.  So shout out to Huntie for the great recipe!

I'm watching reruns of The Office right now, and I just saw when Andy Bernard goes roller skating, and it brings such a pure joy to my heart.
It almost makes me take back everything I said about Blayne yesterday.  ALMOST.

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