Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jacob's Back!!

Yay!  Jacob's home!!  The boys and I were thrilled to see Jacob pull in the driveway today, and the excitement has totally worn out the dogs.  So much so that they've forgotten that they haven't gotten a walk today.  It could also be that the time change has effected them, or maybe it's how crazy cold it is, and they want to hibernate.  I want to believe it's just relief that their home is back to being complete.  It's snowing a little bit here, but not too much.  For the first time all day, I see that it's starting to show on my car a little bit.
I know that's probably kind of hard to see since my car is white, but you can see it a little bit on the windshield.  There have been flurries all day, but they just seem like they blow around through the air, and just melt when they get to the ground.  Driving back from the store, Jacob and I did see a bunch of snow getting blow across the road like Dementors, but other than that, it's pretty nonexistent snow.  It did seem to confuse Oscar when we went outside though, because it was all landing on his face, and he was just blinking a ton.

Like I said, it's been super cold here the last couple of days, and even our apartment has just been feeling really chilly, despite having the heater on.  According to, currently is 30, but feels like 16.  SIXTEEN.  Oh, you guys, this is going to be a long winter.  Also, it's 4:40, and the sun set like 20 minutes ago.....Anyways, Jacob hadn't been home long when both boys decided they needed to snuggle with him on the couch.  Naturally I covered up Andy because he loves it, and before I knew it, he was burying his face in the blanket to be totally snuggled up.
Is it wrong that every time I see that, I think he looks like Mother Teresa (God rest her soul)?  He stayed like that for quite some time, but when he finally pulled himself off the couch, he took the blanket with him, and was not even interested in shaking it off.  To top off the look, I put a scarf on him, and he was totally into it.  The boy loves to accessorize, and loves to be warm. 
Jacob and I were talking about how skinny, tiny girls can't handle very much alcohol.  I jokingly said "people say that about me all the time.  I'm too tiny to hold any liquor."  Jacob's response was "Yeah, you are tiny."  I really wasn't fishing for a compliment, I was being sarcastic, so I said "no I'm not.  I'm definitely not SMALL."  Jacob's response "Yeah you are!  Compared to a guy, you're small."  Which, honestly, is so sweet, because obviously I'd much rather be compared to a guy rather than other girls.... Eyeroll.  I don't even think he realized how ridiculous that sentence was.  From  now on, I'm going to point out guys to see how I compare.  While watching football, "Oh my gosh, look at that running back's thighs!  Tell me mine are smaller than that!"  While dealing with the workers at our house "did you see how calloused his hands were?!  Tell me mine aren't that bad!"  Watching a Tom Selleck movie "Do you think my mustache will ever be better than his?"

Yesterday I had to do my cool down run, which should go without saying at this point that I did not want to do it.  Before my run, I was in the stretching area of the gym, as were two other people-one girl, who was pretty by North Dakota standards (average to bland by Texas standards), and a guy, who wanted to get familiar with said girl.  I really wasn't trying to eavesdrop, honestly I wasn't, but this guy was the type of guy who was so proud of what he was saying, he spoke loud enough for anybody nearby to benefit from his genius.  I'm not sure if these two came to the gym together, or if he just figured he would charm his way into her heart, but he was cheesin pretty hard for her.  I have no clue what they were talking about when I started stretching-the girl spoke at a normal conversational volume, so I couldn't hear her.  What I did hear, as the guy (we'll call him...Blayne) was mid-groin stretch said was "It's just crazy how you can be really in shape, but you do some other workout, and it's so hard."  Now, I have no problem with what he's saying.  I run four days a week, but put me on a stairstepper and I'm out of breath in less than three minutes.  Here's where Blayne starts to lose me "I mean, I could run 10 miles a day everyday-" Now, let me interrupt Blayne here.  Let me describe him to you; he has the exact same body I had in 6th grade-pudgy face, puny woman arms, belly fat, and zero muscle tone in the legs.  No offense Blayne, but you can't run 10 miles.  I'm looking at you, and I know it for a fact.  Unless the tanning salon is 10 miles from your house, closes in an hour, and your car is broken, you will never run that kind of distance.  Okay, let's get back to what he was saying.  Where was he?  Ah yes- "I mean, I could run 10 miles a day everyday, but put me in my roller skates, and it is such a workout!  Running is all about your quads and hamstrings.  Those are easy muscles to strengthen.  Skating's all about your butt and lower back.".......You guys.  He's seriously trying to pick up this girl talking about how he roller skates.  If I had to guess what my face was like, I'd say it was probably pretty equal to the OMG on the Jersey Shore faces. (click if it doesn't automatically play)
But you know what they say...
A few minutes later, after Blayne had done a couple sets of 5 crunches (you don't need abs to skate), he had decided to copy the ab exercises the girl was doing.  Here's what she was doing-it was essentially the Mason Twist from P90x-sitting on the floor, feet off the ground, knees bent, hands clasped together, turning your upper body side to side, touching the floor on each side.  Okay, so she's doing that with a 6 pound medicine ball.  Now, I'm not saying this to be obnoxious, but to illustrate; I normally do the same exercise with a ten pound medicine ball, and I do sets of 50.  It's really not that hard.  So Blayne sees the girl doing these and decides to try.  He grabs the FOUR pound medicine ball, and does TEN reps.  I know this because he was grunting and counting out loud.  When he got to ten, he collapsed on his back and was like "Oh my gosh!  I totally feel that.  I'm gonna be SORE tomorrow!"  Really?!  That's not great, Blayne.  Perhaps your core could use a little more attention.  Ultimately I think Blayne was trying to pick this girl up for show, since I think he was lady-fabulous (evidence: the roller skates), but it seemed to be working on this girl, so Good on Ya, Blayne!

When I went to take my shower Friday night, I realize that during my long run that day, my sports bra had rubbed off some of the skin on my chest.  It's not too bad now, it mostly just looks like bad razor burn, but it hurt like a mother during my run yesterday because I could feel the sweat getting into the burn.  Not a great feeling....

I can't even tell you how much this time change is messing with me.  It's not even 5:30, and it's pitch black and I am exhausted.  Maybe Oscie and I can both just hibernate this winter.

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