Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nailed It.

I got a call from the HR lady today, saying that they wanted to offer me the job!  Hooray!  She rattled off a ton of information, so there's a good chance that I missed something important about the job, like you must dress in Amish clothing everyday or you can't wear shoes on Wednesday, but I was too excited to worry about any of that.  I have to take a drug test tomorrow (fingers crossed!) and then my new employee orientation is December 13, so I've still got some time to live it up.  So far the only people who know I got the job are Jacob and Dana (the inner circle, you might say), so I guess I should probably call my parents. 

As promised, as soon as I got off the phone, I drove straight to Herbergers and bought myself the purse.  $100 off, you really can't beat that.  In my excitement, I forgot about the streaks of mascara on my face (see earlier post), so I'm sure the girl that checked me out at Herbergers thought I was mourning something terrible, but it was just my snowflake eyes.  I managed to make it to the mall and back in less than 10 minutes, because I was on a mission. 
As you can see, I'm quite satisfied with the purchase.  I wonder why it took me so long to get a job, because I'm really professional and totally act like an adult...

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