Thursday, September 29, 2011


Tomorrow is a big day for me- I'm flying to OKC to visit Hilary's family and see the new yiddle baby.  I cannot wait.  I just booked the flight on Monday, so I haven't even really had the chance to think about it, but it's already here!  I called Hilary to make sure it was okay for me to come, so she and David know, but the kids don't.  I AM BUSTING with excitement.  I can't wait to see the looks on their faces.  I'm hoping for a repeat of this:
I'm fairly certain I'll get a great response from Luke, too, but it won't last long because he'll immediately say "where's Jacob."  EEKS!  I'm so excited. 

Other happenings here include the fact that this afternoon as I was gorging myself on some greek yogurt I bought yesterday, I was thinking "boy look at me.  I am so healthy!"  Then I looked at the nutritional content and realized it was loaded with fat.  That's what I get for trying to get yogurt as my sweet treat rather than DOTS.  Don't worry, it won't happen again.  Also in an attempt to be healthy (or just consume less calories), I bought diet Dr. Pepper at the store today.  I forgot how diet drinks work on my body.  That was a big time mistake.  I think I got 5 ounces into it, and had to go the bathroom.  I might as well be drinking straight laxatives. 

I drove by our house today and was VERY pleased to see the roofers were there.  When I went by later that afternoon, it looked like they had finished the whole roof.  See, was that so hard?  I'd like to believe my builder heard my voicemail and it put the fear of God in him.  Soooo I'm gonna stick with that. I tried to call Charlie, the guy at the flooring store today, but he was worthless as usual.  I asked him if he had the cabinet sample he promised to give me on Wednesday, and he told me he'd text my realtor and see if he could get it.  Good luck, pal.  I told him I was going out of town Friday and wouldn't be back until the following Wednesday, but that didn't seem to mean anything to him.  He just rushed me off the phone, saying "okay, I'll text Susie."  You've been so helpful.  Commence eye roll............

Jacob came home from running at the gym tonight and was describing some doofus that was irritating him.  He said the guy kept trying to pass him, but as soon as he did, he'd just get in front of Jacob and slow way down.  Also, he mentioned the guy ran really weird.  That's when I realized he was talking about my ol' platypus friend, Zak, the Bill Hader look-alike with (imaginary) voice immodulation disorder.   
I totally feel validated in thinking this guy is a total turd now, since even Jacob thought he was annoying.  Bad news for you Zak.  You've irritated not one, but TWO Riemers.  That means destruction!  Or just more crook eye.

Nermal update:  Samsung's totally jacked and if you ever talk to Latisha in their Executive Customer Relation Department, tell her she's the worst.  Jacob and I were willing to give them another chance and take a new tablet to replace Nermal (RIP), but Latisha told me today (with serious attitude) that they could only give me a refurbished one.  I told her (with loathing) I wanted nothing to do with a refurbished one.  She said that they were currently not producing any galaxy tabs, so they would not be able to get me a new one.  RED FLAG.  They're not making them?!  That's a bad sign.  I told her so, and then proceeded to start the refund process.  Let me tell you, it's a slow process.  In 15-22 business days, they should have my refund back to me.  We shall see.  I have a feeling Latisha's gonna regret giving me her extension soon, if she doesn't after the 5 phone calls today. 

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