Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rough Day

What should have been an exceptional Saturday was wasted because our football team lost today....Jacob has been anxiously awaiting this game all week, and he wanted me to make some snacks for the game today.  My plan was to make the Queso Blanco recipe from Dana's blog, but since I live in a ridiculous town, the ONLY white American cheese I could find was the store brand single slices.  Probably not the greatest option.  But anyways, I was really excited about making it because basically every time we go to Applebee's (aka Dickinson's hot spot), we get Queso Blanco for our appetizer (half price after 9pm!).  Unfortunately, Jacob and I were both too superstitious to move for the first half of the football game, so he stayed in the same spot on the couch (despite needing to pee), and I stayed in the recliner.  Up 20-3 at halftime, we both agreed it was safe to move, so he was off to go to the bathroom, and I started making the queso.  The second half had already started by the time I finished, and I could tell the game was going downhill quickly, so I lost my appetite after only a few bites of the queso.  Jacob had a little bit, but also lost interest pretty quickly because of the game, so I ended up putting it in the fridge without hardly putting a dent in it.  Once the game was over, and both of our moods were totally in the toilet, I was trying to make conversation with Jacob to get his mind off the game.  While washing the cars, I said "so what did you think of the queso?  You didn't say much."  His response: "well it was pretty bland, but that's probably because you had to use that individual cheese."  Now, I do agree with him.  I do think the cheese wasn't the greatest, which made the queso have less flavor.  HOWEVER, when you ask someone what they think of something you make, you wish their first instinct wasn't bland.  In his defense, I do appreciate his honesty, but...come on, guy, break it to me a little easier.  In another attempt to brighten Jacob's post-game mood, I made turkey lettuce wrap tacos, one of Jacob's new favorites.  It didn't work.  He's still a sourpuss.  BUT the tacos were delicious, and I highly recommend them.  Super easy, and I feel like they're pretty healthy...right?

This weekend, the high school was hosting a volleyball tournament, and some the games were played at my gym.  During my run around the track, I was passing the time by watching the volleyball games.  While one team was warming up, I noticed that one of the girls on the team looked about 5 months pregnant.  I don't mean that as an insult in anyway.  I genuinely think she was pregnant.  How is that allowed?  Back in the day, I took a fair share of volleyballs to my face and gut (I'm not the best), and dove on my stomach at least 12 times per game, so I'm pretty sure if you're pregnant, volleyball is not the sport for you.  At one point, I thought I saw her put her hand on her stomach, so I'm fairly certain her teammates and coaches know she's expecting.  They're probably like "ahhh, you're baby's got team spirit!"  No, you wang, it's a fetus.  They kick.  When I left the gym at about 10:30, I passed a park where there were several couples dressed up like they were going to homecoming, taking pictures.  It was 10:30 AM.  What school hosts their homecoming that early in the day?!  Also, the dresses these girls were wearing to homecoming were pretty horrendous.  Not sure what I'd expect since you can only shop at Walmart and Herbergers, but these people know you can buy clothes on the internet, right?  Maybe the townsfolk don't understand the capabilities of the interweb.

Speaking of Herbergers, Jacob and I went to the mall on Friday because we had to go to the bank (yes, the bank is located in the mall).  After we finished depositing the money, I asked if we could go into Herbergers.  Jacob acquiesced, but the second we walked in, he seemed bored and told me he had nothing to shop for.  Rather than having him breathing down my neck, I pushed him towards the men's department and ran the opposite way, hoping for some time alone to circle the purses and coats.  I had just stumbled upon an awesome knit hat (with earflaps!), but then Jacob found me and I wasn't sure how I could lose him again, so we left.  It was definitely the least amount of time I've ever spent in Herbergers, and I resent that.

I'm watching 20/20 on TLC right now, which brings back memories of being 10 years old.  I must have been the weirdest little kid...I can remember looking forward to 20/20 all week.  Fridays were like heaven for me, because first I got to watch TGIF, which was some combination of Full House, Step by Step, Family Matters, and other cheesy family sitcoms, and then I got to follow it up with 20/20.  Winning combination in my young mind.  I remember think John Stossel was one cool dude.  Also, I also remember thinking to myself "boy, Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs make a great team."  Jeez Louise, I was a nerd.  But I was an informed nerd!  I believe, and I could be wrong here (I could have been watching the SimpsonsAhhhh memories.....  Okay guys, 20/20 just ended and a show called Prison Diaries is on now.  This night is looking up!

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