Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Attempt at Socializing

A couple weeks back, I had received an evite for Bunco night for the ladies of Marathon, meaning the women who work there, or the wives of the Marathon men.  As many of you know, I'm not great at meeting new people, so getting enough courage to open the evite alone took me three days.  I am not the brightest, and misread the evite, thinking it was for September 13, and RSVP'd no, since it was Jacob's birthday.  I was so excited that I had an excuse to miss it, and very pleased with myself that it was in no way fabricated.  After talking to my next door neighbor, Nicole, I realized that I'm actually a dummy, and the evite was for September 27th.  I made this realization at about 3:30 this afternoon and didn't stop sweating for the next seven hours.  I opened the invitation again and saw that the lady hosting Bunco had commented on my reason for not going, telling me I had the date wrong (and probably wondering if I was special needs).  Despite lots of back and forth in my head, I changed my RSVP to yes and told myself I had to go and meet people.  As soon as I clicked the YES button, I could feel the loser inside me telling my nervous and endorcine system to amp up the sweating.  Then I saw on the invitation that we were supposed to bring an appetizer to share.  Now at this point, I'm still 3 hours away from having to go, so technically I have plenty of time to go buy stuff to make something, but I don't have that much fight in me, and I said (aloud, to myself) "well, it looks like the universe doesn't want me to go!"  After a few minutes of visualizing walking into a house of strangers pointing and laughing at me for not bringing any snacks, I put on some more deodorant and went next door to talk to Nicole.  She told me it wouldn't be a big deal to not bring anything, and even suggested we ride together, which eliminated a stressful situation I had not even begun to panic about, so I went back to my apartment.
On the way over there, we got lost a few times, showed up almost half an hour late, and were still the second people there.  Everyone already knew each other, so I just stood around nodding for awhile like a bobblehead, but we got to playing pretty quickly and it was actually fun.  I HATE a lot of games, and people have always said, oh Bunco's an easy game people play as an excuse to get drunk and talk.  They were not kidding.  I still can't figure out Monopoly and I had this game figured out in five minutes (most people could get it in 2).  15 minutes into playing, my partner, who is probably 50-something, literally fell out of her chair laughing.  I don't even think she drank that much, she's just a goofy person, but it was hilarious.  I ended up with crazy beginner's luck and won $15 and a  really cute candleholder and candle!  I did the best out of everyone and they were saying they weren't going to invite me back.  Hopefully that was a joke.........So I'm really glad I went after all, because I did have a really good time.  I also had 2 Mike's Hard Lemonades, which means I was pretty flushed and probably laughing at everyone's jokes. 

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