Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blast from the Past

While Jacob is livin it up in Vegas this weekend, I too have been quite the busy lady.  Actually.  Strike that, I've just been watching a lot of tv and talking on the phone a ton.  But it's been very delightful.  I was quite the lady about town today; I went back to the thrift store--I just couldn't get my mind off that HAWK BLOCK ur jimmies shirt, but thankfully it's all mine now.  Then, I went to Herbergers to return the sunglasses that Jacob turned his nose up at.  I returned my rental to the Redbox (The Roommate-I don't recommend it), and went to Walmart to get the boys more treats.  Have I been to Walmart in every post I've put on this blog?  Jeez Louise, I think so.  Yikes, that just got real.  I also treated myself to some Burger King and spent no more than 6, but no less than 3 hours on the phone with Dana.  All in all, I'd say it's been a pretty amazing day. 

So I wasn't even going to post anything today because clearly there is not much to say, but then I came across some pictures and it totally gave me flashbacks.  Occasionally, I come across pictures of toys I played with when I was little, or I just randomly remember something that I haven't seen in like 20 years and I DESPERATELY want those toys again.  Anyways, tonight I came across pictures of Fashion Plates, something that one of my sisters had, but I would play with occasionally.  These things were AWESOME.
Obviously this is where I learned my amazing sense of style and gained an ability to put t-shirts with running shorts.  Now that I think about it, between playing Barbies (seriously, I played A LOT of Barbies, y'all) and playing with these fashion plates, you'd think I'd have some ability to put an outfit together, but...clearly it didn't work out that way for me.

So these fashion plates never belonged to me, they were Mandy's maybe?  I don't know, anyways, but they were never mine.  There were plenty of toys that DID belong to me and my mom threw away without my consent that I seriously resent.  Let's go over some of those, shall we?

Barbie Sticker Albums:  I remember when I was little, there were lots of different types of sticker albums you could get.  Naturally, I got Barbie.  I think Hunter had like Ninja Turtles or something...I don't know.  Anyways, you bought the album which had pages with outlines of the stickers you were supposed to put over them, and you bought packages of stickers for like 25 cents.
For some reason, I decided to put all the stickers on my hand-me-down (but still awesomely vintage) Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox.  If I could go back in time and talk to little Hayley, I'd say "you are soooo adorable, but you're also stupid because those stickers will not peel off that metal lunchbox, you will never get those them back, and you will regret it." 

Barbie Colorforms:  This wasn't a toy I got to play with regularly--probably a smart move on my mom's part since those stickers did not stick that well.  This went in the travel bag that we took to Springfield every summer.  Now that I really look at it, these were kind of worthless toys because you're so limited in what you can do with them.  I mean, yeah, Barbie looks super glam in her tie-dye ballgown, but how many story lines can you come up with when you're limited to her dressing room?  I guess it should have been an exercise in creativity.  I think I just peeled the stickers on and off and admired that dress.  REGARDLESS, my mom should have asked me before she tossed this.
Okay, there are plenty of other toys that my parents got rid of that I am NOT HAPPY about.  My Polly Pocket collection, my Barbie RV, my Barbie Corvette, my Sweet Valley High board game....too many to name.  Basically, I want all my toys back, and if you ever needed a gift idea for me, look no further.  Finally, I wanted to include a picture of little Hayley, only because I was really really adorable.
THAT HAIR!!!  I have no idea when I grew out of that amazing blond hair, but it's thinned out since then and dulled to a mud-puddle brown color.  Also, I'm very uncomfortable with the fact that I'm holding that marker without the cap on.  Not only because I probably marked all over myself, but because the marker probably dried out.  WHY DID LITTLE HAYLEY NOT THINK THINGS THROUGH????

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