Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Go Time

Lots of people are getting on my nerves these days.  Most notably, my realtor, our home builder, the guy who works at the flooring/appliance store, and every person at Samsung.  This morning I called Samsung for the 12 time to find out when Nermal would be shipped back.  I went through the whole spiel, how I knew it was fixed, but it hadn't been shipped and I wanted to know why and when they would send it.  After being hung up on, I called back and went through the whole thing again. This time, I was put on hold while the representative called the repair center to ask them directly why it hadn't shipped (why it took a week to do this, I don't know).  When he came back on the line, he told me that the information had been input wrong and that Nermal had NOT been fixed.  They were actually waiting on the motherboard, and we would most likely be entitled to a refund or replacement.  He transferred me to some lady who told me they would send me a refurbished tablet to replace Nermal, to which I responded:
I told her that after having Nermal for less than a month, and it already breaking and having HORRIBLE experience with their customer service, the last thing I wanted was a tablet that had ALREADY broken.  No thanks, try again.  So then she offered to give me a "new or comparable model" which really confused me.  I said, "So I can get a brand new one?"  She was like "yes or a comparable one."  What does that mean?  It's a tablet.  What do they have that compares to that?  I told her that was ridiculous.  We bought a tablet because we wanted a tablet.  Try again, girlfriend.  So she said they would send me a brand new one.  I asked about getting a refund, which she didn't take kindly to, so I explained that because Nermal broke so quickly, and everyone that works in their customer service is as smart and helpful as a dishwater, I wasn't excited about the idea of getting another one.  Jacob and I are going to talk about it a little bit more, and I think we probably will just have them send a new one because everything we read online is really positive, and we may have just gotten a lemon.  But I will say, if you ever have to call Samsung's customer service, GODSPEED.

Another person who's on my list is the builder of our house.  Here's the thing.  I'm a pretty understanding person when things come up, as long as they're communicated with me.  Here's something I hate: being ignored.  I don't like when my emails are ignored and I don't like when my phone calls are not returned.  It's very rude.  So Jacob talked to our builder on Tuesday, and he told us that the roofer would be at the house today (Wednesday) to start working.  When I drove by today and saw that there was no roofer, I got pretty frustrated since the house has been sitting for a week with no work and the roofing is holding stuff up.  So I called our builder and he asked me to call him back in 10 minutes because he was busy.  So I called back 10 minutes later, and got his voicemail, so I told him there was no one at the house, despite his promise to the contrary, and he needed to call me back.  Did he?  Nah.  When I drive by that house tomorrow, if there isn't anyone working, WATCH OUT WORLD.  I'm gonna call the realtor and the builder and go all George Costanza on them and they WILL NOT LIKE IT.

Another wang who's irritating me is the guy at the flooring place.  He was supposed to call me today to let me know if he could get a sample of the cabinets to compare with the flooring and see what looks best.  Obviously, since everyone in this town hates me, he didn't call, and knowing my luck, we won't be working for another month, so I'll just be stuck waiting since NO ONE ELSE THAT WORKS THERE KNOWS ANYTHING.  Also, I gave him a list of appliances to look up for me so he could tell me what the cost would be to order them.  Something tells me that list is stuck to a Snickers wrapper in the trash somewhere and he'll never get around to doing that.  I just really don't understand how people do business up here.  I get that it's a small town and people live a "slower" lifestyle, but since when does that mean people have no common courtesy or work ethic?  Some one calls you, you better freaking call them back.  You tell someone you're going to do something by a certain day, freaking GET IT DONE.  Not that hard.

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