Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Day of Shopping

Busy, busy day today.  Thrift Store, Wal-Mart, Thrift Store (again), HERBERGERS, and some sporting goods store.  FYI, those are basically all the stores in Dickinson.  Although I did notice a store today that I had never seen before.  It's called Dakota Woman, and I have a feeling it's even worse than it sounds.  I'm imagining a blander, older version of Dress Barn, which I have serious issues with.  And  I won't get into it about Dress Barn. 

The reason behind all the shopping today is that Jacob wanted to find something to wear to Vegas this weekend.  All the guys are bringing suits, but Jacob didn't put his in our temporary living stuff, so he needed to find something to wear.  Since David had already purchased what I believe is a demin(ish) leisure suit, Jacob and I agreed that he needed something with panache.  We were hoping for a plaid sports jacket and some white pants (think Reuben in Ocean's Eleven).  Since we don't have any of the well known thrift stores in town, like Goodwill or Salvation Army, I was a little nervous for my first adventure into Arc Aid by myself.  I realized once inside that the people working there were even scuzzier than what you might expect to see working or even shopping in such a store.  I took a quick look around and was horrified when one of the workers, who I can only describe as being a gremlin, was lunging towards me.  Now here's the thing.  In no way am I making fun of the disability she probably had.  HOWEVER.  When you look like Riff Raff from Rocky Horror Picture Show--

(with the greasy hair to match), and you come lurching at someone, nearly knocking them into a wall full of thousands of glass menageries (costing 25 cents or less!), you're gonna freak them out!  And she didn't even say anything to me-- just lunged, grunted, and went on with her business.  I ended up finding some pretty sweet suits for Jacob, but couldn't get any because I didn't know about the sizing, so I had to leave empty handed. 

Next came grocery shopping at Wal-Mart (do they still have the hyphen in there? For simplicity's sake, let's say no).  Anyways, Walmart was unusually gypsy-free when I went this afternoon.  I only saw about 3 RVs in the parking lot, whereas normally there are around 15.  It was a typical trip, pretty uneventful, really.  Got my toes runover by some old lady pushing her cart, saw some guy pick his nose while reading the nutrional content of Nutri-grain bars, and listened to the infighting among the deli workers regarding the meat left on the ground (not what you want to hear when they're slicing up your turkey breast).  I also was shopping alongside a young (14ish) Mennonite girl and her brother (15?).  Let me give you a visual:  brother looks like he just jumped off the pages of a Kohl's add: heelies, cell phone, obnoxious smirk and all.  Sister, however, was wearing a floor length denim skirt and colonial type long-sleeved shirt.  She may have even been wearing a bonnet for all I know.  What stuck out to me the most was that she was wearing these awful SAS shoes that my grandmother (RIP) would never have even worn.  Honey, any society that lets your brother out of the house looking like Justin Bieber, while you're wearing geriatric orthopedic shoes does not have your best interests at heart.  Fashion and religion are not mutually exclusive.

When Jacob got home from work, we went back to the thrift store to see if any of the suits/sport coats would work for him.  He ended up getting a really sweet blue plaid sport coat and actually a really nice Michael Kors button down shirt to go under it.  Cost: $9.06.  There was a t-shirt there that I didn't get because Jacob was in a hurry to leave, but I'm totally regretting passing it up.  On the front, it said "Watch out Jamestown" and on the back" We're gonna HAWK BLOCK ur jimmies"  Gold.  Solid gold.  Jacob said the neck was stretched out and it was too wide for how short it was, but he doesn't understand fashion.  Looks like I'll be headed back to Arc Aid soon!

On a related note (high fashion, of course), New York Fashion week is coming up, which means I will be drooling over some crazy expensive gowns, wishing I had the money and/or occasion to wear them.  So...prepare yourself for that.


  1. I am sitting in bed with my blackberry, reading your post aloud to a half-asleep David, and laughing so hard I am crying. Greatest idea ever.

  2. Pick up one of those t-shirts for me. It's what I want to be wearing this fall.