Saturday, September 17, 2011

Margarita + Sangria = great Saturday night

I've decided that for her birthday this year, I'm going to enroll Dana in some sort of wine of the month club.  It's been a pretty boring day here, but it only took one little margarita and a glass of Sangria in Dana to turn all that around.  I really don't even need to give you much backstory here, except that both of us are at our respective homes, watching football with our husbands and little Dana has had two drinks.  This first email is in response to her saying she was bored, and me suggesting she learn how to knit so she could teach me.  Enjoy!

D:  ThANKS FOR THE FRIENDSHIP LOVE. No I still have it sitting on our tv stand. We tried to go watch the game, FULL, so we went to fuzzys and I had a marg and now I'm drinking sangria. And singing "california love". It's a wild night in plano. Also the balloon festival is ruining everything. 
H:  Holy smokes how drunk are you?  That was quite the stream of conciousness email.  You should send me more.  And, actually, you should go ahead and comment on my blog so I'll always have this to remember.
D:   Really iy all makes sense. There is a balloon festival, HOT AIR KIND, and it is backing up traffic everywhere, which made us late to the bar. So now we're watching ohio st and miami bc football is fun. Fun
and super entertaining. Thanks foe the colmment on the great uncle nick quote I left you BTW. There is a siren on the miami game, WTH, hurricane? Tornado? Not necessary. I'm not very drunk but ib feel pretty good. There was a mustang with lawn chairs in the back that made me laugh pretty hard.
H: PLEASE  PLEASE comment on my blog ASAP.  Now would be a great time to do that.  I was JUST ABOUT to comment on your uncle nick comment, but I hadn't gotten to it yet. Because Jacob's been hoggin the computer all day following his football office pickem.  Plus now he's following our game.  We are also watching the Miami game, and i was super confused about the siren too, but then jacob explained that it was a hurricane siren.  DUH.  I should have thought of that.  I thought it was for vikings.
D:  Here's what's terrible about that. What if someone there thinks there's a real hurricane????? Pandemonium is unnecessary. People screaming and running and buying water, all bc of a game horn. If I can comment on this POC phone of mine you got it, bucko.  
D:  I forgot I had buttery nipple ingredients! If only that was a full fledge drink. Apparently there's a breakfast shot that tastes like waffles. Need it. This marg is wearing off at a faster rate than my sangria is wearing in. Also, it iis like impossible to comment on this phone so I'm one and done. Sorerrryryryyryr
H:  I'm sure you could make buttery nipples as a drink.  You should look it up.  It seems like the marg is still workin pretty good, but if the sangria hasn't set in yet, you should just go do a few shots by yourself.
D:  I found a slippery nipple, which seems very problematic for a leather
dredss, rigt ?! 
D:  This alabama mean green game is busted.
H:  I have no idea what that means.  What's happening in the game?
D:  Dong fogey.
D:  Bvbm comin at ya!

It then continues on in text messages which are just as scrambled. But my absolute favorite part of the text messages, all of when are littered with typos, is one particular text where she seems to realize she misspelled everything:
D:  Are u on the AL game??????
D:  That fsau gauy soundslike a drinken cajuyn!$
D:  Crap
D:  Cxajun
D:  Drubken

So thank you, Dana, for have the lowest tolerance ever and making my night very enjoyable.

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  1. I'd like to update this post by saying it was a VERY large margarita. And one tiny glass of sangria, I'm a lady not a lush.