Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What is Wrong with my Face?!

For some reason, when people see me, they either don't notice me because I'm too generic OR they immediately dislike me.  I'm not sure why-perhaps I need to work on my resting face.  Just once, it'd be nice for someone to see me and think "hey that lady looks sorta nice."  Being forgotten or unnoticed, that I'm used to.  Just ask Tom who introduced me to his friend Ali at least 30 times over the course of 3 years in college only to have her NEVER remember me.  Or take my yoga instructor, who, after my blackout spell a couple of weeks ago introduced herself to me.  Lady, I've been coming to your class for almost 2 months.  And there are only like 10 people in the class. Recently, however, my bland face has received a new reaction-distrust.  A couple weeks ago, I was walking the dogs when I came up to a house where two little boys (probably about 4 and 6) were playing in the driveway.  When they saw me, they both started to scream in genuine fear and panic, yelling "Daddy, Daddy, the scary lady! Help! Daddy, she's scary!!"  Thankfully, the dad seemed unfazed, thanks in part to my absence of jagged facial scars, and he ignored the kids' screams.  Although, thinking of that now, I am slightly concerned about their dad's apathy, considering there is a registered sex offender that lives one street over.  Anyways, I tried to tell myself not to be offended as the young boys continued to scream and cry.  I told myself they were probably just scared of Andy and Oscar.  They're big dogs, after all, and with Oscar's pitbull-esque head, it's easy to see how people could be intimidated.  As I'm comforting myself with this idea, the boys yelled, "hey Dad, look, that scary lady has dogs!"  That's when I kicked it into high gear to get away from them.  I don't understand, why am I so scary?? Sure, I wear running shorts everyday, and athletic capris more than I should, and I haven't worn my hair down in several months, but that doesn't make me scary, does it??? Butch, sure, scary...I don't think so.  I get a similar reaction (minus the screaming) from a lady in my yoga class.  Let's call her Rita.  I really can't figure out what I did to make her dislike me so much.  Maybe, like the scared little boys, she just doesn't like my face.  I've never taken her spot in class, and I never talk to anyone, so I couldn't have said something that offended her, but I regularly see her giving me (and only me) the stink eye.  Maybe it's because I'm so baller at yoga (it isn't) and Rita's just a hater (she is).  Today when I left class, I went downstairs to get my stuff out of my locker.  When I looked up, I saw Rita coming down the stairs from class, giving me the evil eye.  Because she was so focused on giving me a dirty look, she didn't realize that rather than going into the women's locker room, she had walked into the men's.  When she came out a second later, she seemed super embarrassed, especially since I was laughing pretty hard.  I'll admit, I deserved the evil eye there.  Pretty sure her hatred of my face just went up 100%.  Unfortunately for her, I very much enjoyed it.  I'm actually excited to see how this progresses.

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