Monday, September 26, 2011

House Stuff - UPDATED

I'm purely soliticting opinions and suggestions here, folks, because I've got some decisions to make about our house and I'm stumped.  We're supposed to be ordering our flooring (carpet and tile) soon, but we were just able to meet with the guy at the flooring place to give us all our options today.  Because this is a local store, and not exactly a well-oiled machine, it's been pretty frustrating trying to use them to pick out the flooring (appliances too).  So here's where I'm at- I need help picking my tile.  I'm fairly certain of the carpet I want.  I tried to find a picture of it on the brand's website, but it is quite possibly the worst website I've ever used, so I just had to do a google image search of the brand and color, so this may not be exactly right, but you get the idea.  Behold, our carpet:
So now, the trouble is I need to find tile that matches, but isn't too matchy matchy.  Jacob and I had picked out a tile, Chocolate:
 The problem however, is that when we went in today to meet with the man at this store who coordinates between us and our builder, he kept hovering over us, talking about how dark colors were "in" and how this chocolate looks really great and they do a lot of it.  Sorry, but if you're trying to sell me on it, it's not working.  In fact, you've taken my favorite tile and made me hate it.  It's super snobby of me, but I feel like if this tile is a big deal in this town, then I want nothing to do with it.  It's gotta be really dated if everyone in town likes it, right?  He picked out like four other colors that he said were the most popular and I hated each and everyone of them more than the one before.  In fact, when he pulled out the tile he said was his favorite and that they install the most, it was this hideous peach and mint green tile and it was everything I could do to not lift it over my head and smash it to pieces.  He was like "Oh!  Here's this one, we do this the most.  Isn't it so nice?"  Is this Candid Camera?  Are you kidding me, guy?  That's really ugly, and you're not doing a lot to make me value your opinion.  Sooooooo now that he's told me that Chocolate is popular, it makes me hate it.  But the other options I picked were really light, and Jacob was worried that light floors plus the light carpet plus our cabinets might just be too light.  He thought we needed some contrast there, and I think he's probably right.  By the way, here is the look we're going for with our cabinets, hopefully this helps you visualize it with the flooring:
 It should go without saying that our kitchen will not be as big or as fabulous as this one, but this is the basic look of the cabinets we want; white with a brown glaze to antique it a bit.

UPDATED: I also wanted to add our counter tops, to help visualize the color scheme.  The wide shot looks pretty boring, but you can see, there is a lot more color and texture in the close up.
So now for our other tile options- this is one of the light ones that I picked out.  I realize the website's simulator doesn't make for a great idea of color or detail, but it's the best I can do.  Okay, I just loaded it, and I'm not sure why the picture disappeared and everything went white except for the floor.  It's like it was ghost furniture.  Try to get past it.
When Jacob told me in the store that the one above (Slate Greige) was probably too light, I was so irritated about the salesman pushing Chocolate, that I grabbed this one, called Black Earth.  I might be biased because I love the staircase in this picture, but I think it's kind of pretty.  Our walls will be about that color (a little less peach), and I think the floor looks good with it, but not sure how it matches the kitchen cabinets.
I like this tile because in person it actually looks like slate (not cheap tile, which it is), and I feel like it looks more expensive than the others.  However, it is called Black Earth, so it's obviously pretty dang dark.  What do you think?  Is it too dark?  What's your favorite?  Am I being unreasonable about the Chocolate tile?  I'm in desperate need of some help here, people.

In other news, I have called Samsung everyday for the last week to find out when they're shipping back Nermal (our Galaxy Tab).  They have some of the worst customer service ever, and even though Nermal was fixed on the 19th, they still haven't sent it back.  What's amazing is that I've had not one but TWO customer service representatives hang up on me.  I'm not even being that rude!  I've gotten to the point that when they tell me how many days it will be before Nermal gets shipped back, I just instantly respond with "I'm fairly certain you made that up."  They're never really sure how to handle that.  I just got off the phone with Samsung and the guy told me that I should call back tomorrow and they would have more information for me then.  Really, guy?  I've been calling for a week straight and no one knows anything.  Pretty sure you're just trying to get me off the phone.  I'm giving them a few more days before I put KT on it.  They're going to miss my sarcastic questions (they don't translate anyways) once they get a load of KT.  I'm pretty sure she never accomplishes what she wants when she calls customer service, but she gets her point across.  Over the years and after numerous customer service and IT phone calls, India has learned lots of new insults and swear words, thanks to her.

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  1. If you both initially liked chocolate I'd stick with that regardless of how much you hate that the guy loves it. My opinion in general may be skewed though because I'm not getting a great idea of the look on my 2.5" blackberry screen. And where in the world did the name nermal come from?