Saturday, September 17, 2011

Welcome, Baby Jack!

It's official!  I have a new love in my life- John David Oltmanns was born today, and I can't wait to see more pictures.  I've only seen two, but I can already tell he's a sweet little moof.  Congrats to Hilary and David!  It's never too early to start teaching him about his favorite Aunt.

Tonight, Jacob and I stopped at the Redbox and got a free rental (proud, Tom?).  There wasn't much I wanted to see, and I wasn't going to make the mistake of getting The Roommate again.  Sorry, Minka Kelly, but I've heard enough of your Minnie Mouse voice to last an eternity.  I ended up getting Cedar Rapids with Ed Helms.  Shockingly, I got Jacob to watch it with me, which is unusual since he generally thinks movies and tv are not worth his time.  He and I are very different in that way, since I love and respect television enough to give it all my time.  Anyways, the movie was not too bad for a little indie project.  If you like Ed Helms and John C. Reilly, it's totally worth watching.  There were some laughable lines, and it's less than an 90 minutes.  Plus, you get to see John C. Reilly with his shirt off...but that's not really a selling point.

Today at the gym I noticed that one of the guys I see there frequently looks almost exactly like Jin from LOST.  I should mention, I was more than a little bit in love with Jin.
What can I say, he's a total hunk.  Here's the problem, though.  I have a tendency to name strangers that I see on a regular basis and develop intricate life stories for them.  I'm a tad worried that at some point, I might ask this guy at the gym how Sun is doing.  And, honestly, I really don't need another person in this town thinking I'm racist.  It's not because you're Asian, okay?  It's because you're a rugged, hunky Asian who looks identical to my Jin-Soo Shi!

Another character that caught my attention at the gym today is a young man I named Zak.  He looks just like Bill Hader
Zak, however, has a bigger head and tucks his under armour into his running shorts.  Also, he runs flat-footed in high-tops, which I find to be distracting.  If I can hear you smacking your feet on the ground over the Lil Wayne blaring in my earbuds, you might need a new running technique.  Also, I've never spoken to the guy or heard him talk, but I've decided Zak has the same condition as Will Ferrell's character from SNL, Jacob Silj who shouted all the time because he had a "voice related medical condition called voice immodulation."
Again, I'd like to make it very clear that I have never once heard Zak speak.  But I don't like the look of him or his flat feet, and I know if I ever do hear him speak, my instincts will be to cover my ears.

When I finished running today, I went to the stretching area to do some crunches.  There was a personal trainer working with his client, so I casually asked if i could use the exercise ball by them, then rolled it over to me and started doing crunches.  I always feel awkward when I'm around personal trainers because I feel like they're judging me and my form and my abilities.  I was focusing on my movements and breathing, positive I was impressing the trainer with my amazing ability to do a simple crunch on an exercise ball.  I suddenly got distracted by Zak coming around the corner of the track with his loud platypus feet, and in an attempt to give him the crook eye, I rolled right off the medicine ball.  In case you were wondering, YES, I have always been this graceful. 

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