Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This is just a quick mid-day post to vent some frustration since Samsung won't take OR return my phone calls.  Since Saturday, I have left 4 voicemails with the Executive Customer Relations Department, which promises to return the call within one day.  Guess what?  No calls have been returned.  After catching Aimee up on the phone just now, I was fired up, so I figured I'd call them again.  I'm fairly certain that whoever is listening to the voicemails at this point is probably finding mine to be hilarious.  And I am, too, frankly.  This most recent one was borderline stalker, and I informed them that if I didn't receive a call back today, things would only get worse. I promised to call every hour until someone was able to answer my questions.  I'm thinking the next voicemail I leave, I'll go all out Fatal Attraction:  I'll just leave a voicemail saying "I'm not gonna be ignored, Samsung!"


  1. This reminds me of my issue with at&t when they overcharged my card $300 and then wouldn't give it back for 8 months. The check was always "in the mail" yet I never got it. My calls were probably only weekly, I didn't have your passion.

  2. You're exactly right, and you know what? They underestimated my passion. BIG MISTAKE.