Monday, October 24, 2011

More Gym Frustrations

I've said it before, I'll say it again.  I'm very easy to annoy-ESPECIALLY at the gym.  No one is immune to my irritations.  You basically have to be completely silent and keep to yourself, and, if I'm being honest, fairly good looking (but not overly so-get over yourself pretty boys).  Today when I got to the gym, I was sitting in the locker room, trying to thaw out before having to take off my coat and put shorts on. As I'm sitting on the bench in front of my locker, a lady comes in and chooses the locker right above mine, so she opens the locker basically into the back of my head, without even an excuse me.  Let me paint a picture- this locker room has exactly 233 lockers in it.  I counted.  Of those, maybe only twenty had locks on them, so why she chose the one I was resting my head on, I don't know.  Obviously I gave her a dirty look:
I tried to tell myself she probably has the same condition as Leonard Shelby in the movie Memento-she's suffered brain damage due to an attack and has no short term memory.  Because of that, she probably has important information tattooed on her body, since she's lost the ability to remember.  Among those tattoos must be ones that say "Stomp around like a jerk" and "Locker 27  Code 22-14-7".  I have no idea what the code is for her lock, but if she needs a reminder for which locker she uses, surely she needs a reminder for the code, right?  P.S., if you haven't seen Memento, you should.  Great movie.

Another lady who was irritating me at the gym was this girl who was walking on the track while I was running.  She didn't necessarily bother my running, but I noticed that several times as I was coming up behind her, she was checking her reflection out in each window she passed.  She'd turn to look at herself and slow down as she passed the windows, taking small sips of her SmartWater and admiring how awesome she looked.  I was like, come on, Jen Aniston, keep your eyes head of you and pick up the pace.  One time she was so focused on looking at herself, that when I passed her, and went between her and the window, she jumped because she was so locked in.  And that, friends, is what narcissism looks like.

I'm currently on hold with Samsung.  It's been 14 minutes and I am genuinely worried for the poor soul who has to talk to me.  We're still waiting on our refund check-bear in mind they've had Nermal for about a month and a half and we only had him a total of three weeks.  Wonder what they're gonna say when I tell them I'm going to start charging interest on the refund.  Also, I will be writing a strongly worded letter to the Better Business Bureau.  Watch out Samsung, because as the eloquent Antoine Dodson once said: we gonna find you, I'm lettin you know now!  Okay, 20 minutes into holding, and I've got a representative!  He just informed me that the girl transferred me to the wrong division, so now it's back to being on hold.  Seriously, you guys, NEVER BUY SAMSUNG.  Okay.  This is getting INSANE.  Just got transferred to the wrong department AGAIN.  I seriously think these people see me on the caller ID and are trying to mess with me.  Finally transferred to the right department, but this guy is an idiot.  He's gotten so frustrated with my questions that he's just gone silent.  Finally, knowing I couldn't get anything out of him, I said, "I guess I'll just keep calling back everyday that I don't get the check."  He said "Yes, ma'am we'll be here to answer any questions that you have."  So I said "Oh. like you've answered my questions today after being on hold for almost an hour and then giving me no information?"  Silence.

This weekend was pretty typically boring here.  Saturday night we went out to eat with a guy Jacob works with, his fiancee, and her brother.  They were pretty nice, and we went back to their house, which was built by our builder, and they gave us some things we should be watching for.  Then we watched some football, so all in all, it was a pretty good night.  Sunday we went to the house so Jacob could do the wiring for the surround sound in the basement.  It took a couple hours and my fingers and toes were freezing, but we got a lot done.  I was hoping Jacob would reward my patience and helpfulness with some frozen yogurt, but he just said "thank you."  Eyeroll.  What a jerk

On a serious note, I want to solicit some serious prayers for Jacob's grandmother.  They just found out she has cancer, and she's not doing great.  Please just keep Jacob's family in your prayers big time. 

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