Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Awkward Gym Encounter

So I'm not sure what the deal is, but for some reason the blog totally exploded today.  I got like five times more views than I normally do.  Apparently people want to read about periods....well you've come to the right place, friends.  Jacob came home from work and said that our friend Adam (hey Adam!) had texted him about the blog, and said that it was totally ridiculous.  I told Jacob how I can gotten lots of views today, and he was like "see, people want to read it!  It's weird because it's not like you write about anything interesting." 

I had a bit of an awkward encounter at the gym last week, and I keep running into the same girl, and it's making me frustrated.  Last Thursday, I walked into my Yoga class (which meets in the pilates room), and saw a girl laying down a mat with a Pilates ball in her hand (which we don't use in yoga).  I'd seen her before, in power pilates, and at the same time my yoga class meets, there is a pilates class that also meets (in the yoga room, very confusing).  All that combined with the fact that she was my age, whereas all the other people in my class are grannies, I knew she had walked into the wrong room.  I didn't want her to feel awkward when the class started and she realized she was in the wrong class, so I walked up to her and asked if she was here for pilates.  She was very confused and was like "what? No, I'm not the instructor."  And I said, "oh, no, I mean are you here for the pilates class?"  She said she was, and I told her that it was actually in the class next door.  She gave me a weird look and was like "oh...okay" and grabbed her mat and the ball and left.  I figured she thought I was like Shawn Spencer, and had totally psychically guessed her error-
 How about the crazy Blue Steel he's working in that picture?  Dang Shawn, copyright Zoolander.  ANYWAYS, I figured she was probably thanking me for saving her the awkwardness of being in the wrong class.  So on Friday, I was at the gym getting ready to do my long run, and I passed this same girl when I went to the stretching area and she was sitting outside waiting for her spin class.  A few minutes later I passed back by her and stopped to stretch before jumping on the track.  I hadn't started playing my music yet, so I could here her talking to her girlfriend and here's what I could gather amongst the bursts of giggles:
Erroneous Fool:  "So she asks me if I'm in the wrong class, because obviously it looks like I can't handle yoga, and then she's like 'you're supposed to be next door!'  And I was like 'okay whatever!'"
Giggling Friend:  "Oh my gosh!  What a jerk!  What, did she think you couldn't do the class?"
Erroneous Fool:  "I don't know.  She just looked at me and came up and was like 'umm, you're in the wrong class.'  I think I can handle yoga with a bunch of old women."
Giggling Friend:  "OMG!  That is hilarious!  And that's her right over there?  What a (author edit: she didn't call me a nice name)!"
Seriously, I almost had to defend my honor, because that sucks.  I was just trying to be nice!  I'm sure the girl was just trying to exaggerate to make it a good story, but all I did was tell her where her class was!  I wonder how awkward it's gonna be the next time I have a class with her.  I have a feeling I'll totally wimp out and when she walks in the class, I'll just be like "oh hey girl, you want my mat?  I'll get another one!  Yeah!...Sisterhood!"  I'm the worst.

Today the electricians finally showed up at the house, although it appears they didn't do much.  They showed up at 1 and when I drove by at 4:30, they were already gone.  Seriously, does that count as a full day of work?  I know it's a bit ironic coming from me, but please, I had to to go Herbergers AND Runnings today to return stuff, so...I've been busy.

YOU GUYS, in a series of unfortunate clicks, I ended up on the website of The Talk, the budget version of The View on CBS, and I came across a picture of one of the hosts, whose gender is indeterminate.  I couldn't find any pictures of shem with the other ladies, so I'll just show you the picture they have on the website:
Honestly, you guys, I thought it as a still from the movie Too Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar: 
I'm sure she's a great lady and all, but honey, you might want to stick to radio.

I finally attempted the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins yesterday, and they are goooood.  I'm not even a big pumpkin person, and I really like these muffins.  I took some next door to thank my neighbor for letting me borrow her muffin tray.  I took six-3 for her, 3 for her boyfriend.  Jacob told me that at work today, our neighbor said he'd already had his three.  I wish I could take credit for this recipe, but I totally jacked it from another blog.  Here's the recipe, you should try it.

Last night, Jacob and I were singing "Your Ruby Lips!" which is something my Dad sang once in his office, only to find his secretary Ruby standing in the doorway.  Whoopsie.  It got me thinking about some of my favorite Quinn stories, and I seriously think we need to do a best-off Quinn post.  I mean, come on-falling off the roof into the holly bushes, falling asleep on the toilet and breaking said toilet and flooding the bathroom, walking into the pool fully clothed while people were at the house?  These are memories that need to be captured.  Sisters, help me out here.


  1. Admission: I'm feeling pretty positive it was me and Bryan that caused your blog views to blow up. We had to wait forever at the office, and when we saw you had a blog, we ended up reading the entire thing (meaning both months). Count us caught up. :) Or call us stalkers. Either way.

  2. yay! Stalk all you want...it's a pretty wild world up here.