Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Battle Continues...

Here's something shocking: Samsung sucks.  I know it's probably getting repetitive how much I talk about Samsung and how terrible they are, it's just that it blows my mind that they would let an issue drag on for this long, and legit have no desire to satisfy their customers.  Today I left another voicemail-that's number 5 if you're keeping track-and shockingly I've yet to receive a phone call.  My voicemail went something like this "Hey guys!  It's me again!" Then I gave them the required information- name, phone number, service order number, reason for calling, which I followed up with "I think you guys need to change your voicemail message, since you state you'll call back within a business day, and I've been calling since Saturday.  I'm guessing you are deliberately ignoring my calls for the fun of it, and that's fine because I think you underestimate my willingness to continue to call.  If you're wondering how long I'll keep this up, the answer is: AS LONG AS I HAVE TO.  If anyone is interested in defending your horrific customer service, or would like to be quoted in my letter to the Better Business Bureau, feel free to call me back.  Keep in mind, I have many of your names and extensions, which will all be included in my letter.  Okay, I guess you'll be hearing from me tomorrow!"  Let's be real, they'll never call me back, but honestly I'm just shooting for a record number of days for them to ignore me so that my letter is dramatic and shows how bad their customer service is.

Today, I was like two laps into my running, when I noticed a flock of high school kids come through the front of the gym.  My first thought was "why aren't these kids at school" because it was only noon, and my second thought was "holy crap, where are all these kids coming from?"  With every lap, a new busload of kids, all wearing matching shirts, would come in, causing quite the ruckus.  I would guess once all the students came in, there were probably....100?  150 high schoolers?  It was clearly some sort of district-wide gym day, but there seemed to be no purpose except to irritate me.  The teachers would come in with their students in matching t-shirts and then the teachers would just plop down in the entryway, and start grading papers while the students roamed the community center.  I'll give you one guess as to where most of the girls went.  Well, okay, the locker room, but BESIDES that, THE TRACK.  Can't I just catch a break?  CAN'T I RUN IN PEACE?!?!  Obviously not, because I kept having to swerve all around the cliques of high school girls walking in small groups, gossiping about how "totally, like, stupid and OMG ugly" the girls from the other high schools are.  After I had already passed one particular group of girls a couple of times, I came up behind them again, and said excuse me when I was like five feet behind them, to give them the chance to move so I could pass.  Did they? Nah.  Instead, all three looked over their shoulders so that I could see each one of them was on their phone, and gave each other a look like "ew, what's her problem?"  So I finally just pushed the middle one out of the way (she looked the weakest), rolled my eyes dramatically, and kept on running.  That must have done the trick, because they immediately left the track.  After I finished my run, I was in the stretching area, and one of the guys that works at the gym walked by.  Curiosity got the best of me, and I asked this guy, an extremely attractive gentleman who I'm guessing is half Guatemalan, half Burmese, and whose name is probably Diego, why all these high school kids had infested the gym like rodents.  He said there was some sort of dodgeball and walleyball tournament they were there for, and that it would last all afternoon.  What is going on in western North Dakota public schools??  Half a day off for a district-wide dodgeball tournament?  Judging by how these kids can't seem to comprehend how to walk on the track in a considerate manner, nor can they figure out what the directional arrows of the track mean, I would guess there is plenty of learning left for them to do.

When I finished my workout, I went back to the locker room to grab my stuff, which was a huge mistake.  It was like walking back in time to a high school volleyball or basketball tournament, where the floor and benches are littered with gym bags and there are girls huddled together, talking bad about their teammates.  I had to step over like 7 gym bags to even get to my locker, which several girls were sitting in front of.  I think I would have gotten a points bonus because there was one girl sitting on the floor, by herself, CLEARLY trying to get attention from each one of her teammates that came in.  They'd be like "hey...what are you doing in here?  Wanna go watch the boys play knockout?!"  And she'd be all "  I played so bad in our game and I don't even think Alex likes me anymore!"  Well, sweetie, let me tell you something I learned in high school--no one likes the whiny drama queen who complains about how her field trip is going.  If Alex still likes you, he's probably a spineless loser, and you should probably go ahead and dump him.  Other girls crowded around mirrors, complaining how fat their legs looked in the spandex they were wearing.  Ugh, I know.  Isn't it a pain to be 105 pounds?!  It's the worst.  I know I was probably predictably annoying when I was in high school, but I also like to think I avoided a lot of the cliched drama.  My Springfield friends-Bob, Lib, Ashley, Luke, Kellie, j0em, and of course my brother, were all super cool, and really couldn't care less about the drama at our school.  I mean, come on, we were a fun bunch:

Today Jacob called me from work to say he was headed home because it had started to snow in Killdeer, which is about 35 miles north of here.  I was sure it was going to be our first snow, and I needed to walk the dogs quickly before it got to us, but it never made it here, so we totally dodged a bullet.  I know it's inevitable, I just figure maybe God will be like "tell you snow this year."  That would be super, thanks!

Jacob leaves tomorrow for Colorado to meet up with his sister, nephew, mom, aunt, and cousins who are all going to see his grandma.  I think it's going to be a pretty emotional and draining trip for them all, so please just continue to keep all of them in your prayers. 

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