Friday, October 28, 2011

Another Bunco Night

This is going to be a super short post because I'm super sleepy and our apartment is really cold, and I desperately want to snuggle up in bed with Oscie.  Jacob left for Colorado today, so I'm alone, which means I can probably get at least one dog to sleep in bed with me.  Also, I started a new book today, The Bone Collector, and I already really like it.  I love when you can start a book and get right into it and not want to put it down. 

Tonight was Bunco night, which was a bunch of fun again.  I got to meet some ladies who weren't there last month, and everyone is super nice.  Last month I was a baller and won a prize and $15.  Turns out that was beginner's luck because this week, I was (as my Grandpa would say) King Loser.  I actually had the most losses of anyone there, which wins a prize, $5, so I won my money back!  Everyone brings snacks of some sort to Bunco, and I have been obsessing over what to make for the last two weeks.  The thing is, I'm really sensitive about my baking and cooking.  I know I'm not great, so when I make something for other people, I REALLY REALLY need them to like it.  There was an incident last year, which I won't go into detail about, for fear that person might read this, but let's just say I made something, and someone had the audacity to spit it out right in front of me, and declare how disgusting it was, DESPITE KNOWING I MADE IT.  In the words of Uncle Leo from Seinfeld, "If anyone betrays me, I never forget!"  This person has remained my enemy, and it took everything I had not to claw their face off with my fork.  Despite my horrific food self-esteem, I decided to make white chocolate popcorn (shout-out to my sister Ashley!), and it was actually a big hit.  A few people took plates of it home, and everyone was snacking on it before they left.  SO WHO GOT THE LAST LAUGH, ENEMY?!

Also at Bunco tonight, one of the girls, Lindsay, announced that she's pregnant AND they're moving to Houston in like two weeks.  Her husband took a job with another company, and it's been a really quick process, they've only known for a couple weeks maybe?  I'm really really happy for them, because they're both from Texas, and I know they'll be happy to be close to their families, especially with a baby coming. But another part of me is soooooooooo bitter that they're leaving.  It's nothing against them, I know they were expecting to stay here the 2-3 years like everyone else (they've been here almost 1 1/2 years), I just am so looking forward to the day when I can make that announcement.  "Oh by the way, I'm moving to Houston.  Movers come next week."  It's so similar to when we were moved from Ohio to Texas, the whole thing happened so fast, I didn't want to let myself believe it until we got there.  Jacob accepted the position, and I think we moved like two weeks later.  I just remember feeling so elated to be going home.  I'm just really jealous of that feeling.  Not to mention she gets to miss the winter and can spend the holidays with her family.  Obviously we won't be moving anytime soon, and I really am fine with that, but it is hard when someone in a similar situation to you gets to go.  Again, I really am happy for them, it's just kind of a bummer, you know?   


Well, I'm proud to say that I stuck to my pact, and truly boycotted this season of Project Runway- I didn't watch a single episode.  I'm really glad that's the case, because since the season started, I've been following some other blogs that discuss the challenges and then show the final garment from the designers.  I also paid attention during New York Fashion Week to see the final collections of the contestants, to try to get a good idea who the strong contenders would be, and how they compare to previous seasons.  Based on those final collections. alone, I think it's clear that the level of talent and taste has declined steadily over the seasons, which is really disappointing. 
Everything I read and saw from other blogs was that Anya was basically hand-picked to win from the beginning.  She's a former beauty queen, and her shtick was that she was self-taught, and every garment she made, she would say "I've never done this before!" about whatever she made.  "I've never made a pair of pants!"  "I've never made a gown", etc.  If she had so little experience, how was she cast on the show to begin with?  What were her sample garments and portfolio like that you felt she could be a strong contender on a DESIGN AND SEWING based talent competition?  Throughout the season, it seems as though the judges (who I have serious issues with) have been grading on a curve, accounting for her lack of experience.  You can't praise one poorly made dress because the designer has no experience, then punish another designer with a better dress but some execution problems, and say you expect better from them.  If the designer doesn't have the experience of other designers, they shouldn't be given slack and judged separately.  The judges fawned all over Anya all season, praising her use of prints, and  her ability to come up with interesting looks, despite her inexperience.  Never mind the fact that Anya's final collection looked like the Walmart version of Season 3 finalist, Uli.  Not surprisingly, Anya won the season, despite the lack of versatility and separates in her collection.  It's clear that the producers of Project Runway loved the idea of a self-taught beauty queen designer winning the whole thing and developing her as a brand.  Your motives are obvious, PR, and you've lost a lot of fans.  I know that the weekly challenges can be influenced by the producers and they keep certain people around for the drama and fan reactions.  However, it's really disappointing to me that this once great show has become so terribly predictable in how the judges pick based on personality and marketability, rather than skill and final collection.  It is with this, that I truly bid you adieu, Project Runway.  I figured after the debacle of the Gretchen win last season, you'd get your crap together and pick a real winner, but it seems as if you're only becoming more manipulated by the money makers.   

Okay, I just realized this was a lot longer than I intended for it to be.  I know I have a tendency to ramble, but geez.  Tomorrow is my long run, and I want to fast forward 12 hours so I'll be done with it.  9 miles.  NINE.  UGHHHHHHHHHH.  I've already started apologizing to my knees and shins for the pain they'll be experiencing tomorrow.  Also, I have Imodium on the counter, so hopefully that will help the issues I had after my last long run. 

Please continue to pray for Jacob's grandparents and the rest of his family.  I believe today was the first time Grampi got to see Maca for the last several days, and it breaks my heart to think about the way they're feeling.  I can't imagine spending a lifetime with someone, and then be faced with the realization that you won't have each other much longer.  It honestly breaks my heart and is one of the most crushing and saddest things I can think of.  Please just pray for physical strength for them, and for strength in their faith, knowing the beautiful life together ahead because of God's love and mercy.  Also, pray for the entire family, as they deal with the emotions of everything.

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