Sunday, October 30, 2011

House Update

I drove by the house yesterday and saw that they had finished the siding!  Now it looks like a real house, mostly!  The only area left exposed is where the brick is going, and I'm not sure when they'll put that on, since it's just aesthetic and doesn't keep them from working inside.
I was going to take a bunch of pictures of the inside, but they have the drywall stacked up in both living rooms, so it kind of takes up the whole picture.  I'll wait till after the drywall is up to take some inside pictures.  Until then, here's one of our living room, taken from the back door/ breakfast area.
That big stack in the middle is the drywall, and I have no idea what that white pipe is.  As I was walking around, I noticed that some kids had been inside the house, and drew all over the drywall, which made me laugh.  One kid was working on his multiples of 12, and the other kid, I'm guessing his dumb sibling, was busy drawing:
It might be hard to read that, but it says "Happy Days", and has some sort of monster growing in the D.  Such a weird thing for a kid write, huh?  I normally just wrote my name and drew things like flowers and trees.

Yesterday,  Oscar's girlfriend Bell came over.  Our neighbors went to Bismarck for the day, and they needed me to let Bell out, so I just had her stay at our place so she could hang out with the boys.  It was pretty much heaven for Oscar, as you can see in this first picture.  She was curled up on my lap, and he had his face nuzzled into her side for warmth.  ADORABLE.
Also, he really enjoyed just being able to rub her with his head, and put his paws on her face and head.  It was a sweet game they played.  Here you can see them both watching out the window for things to bark at while Andy lurks creepily in the background.
 It was a long day for my sweet boys, and they couldn't sleep while Bell was over, for fear they'd miss something fun.  The second she left, they both passed out on our bed and didn't wake up for like four hours.  They've been sleeping all day today, too, trying to make up for the lack of sleep yesterday. 

 Jacob came back from Colorado yesterday, and the boys and I were so excited to see him!  Unfortunately he's already left again; he has training all week in Orlando, so we won't see him again until Sunday.  Keep the prayers coming for Jacob's family.  I know he was really glad to be able to see his grandparents, but it also made him pretty sad.  The positive thing about this weekend was that he got to see a lot of his family, which he really enjoyed.  Most especially, his nephew Joey, who was cracking him up.  He's a pretty adorable baby and makes super funny faces, so Jacob came home with baby fever, unsurprisingly. 

I'm currently watching The Amazing Race, as I write this, and I just have to say I couldn't love the Andy & Tommy team any more.  I REALLY hope I don't jinx them, because I think they're the tops.  I would love to do this show, but I'd have to do it with someone who is great at directions, because I get lost in Dickinson, so I'd be screwed in China.  But I'd be a total baller at the Road Blocks and Detours.  So who wants to audition to do it with me????  Ashley?!?! Also, on one of the teams is this super hunky guy, Marcus, who's got a little Idris Elba thing going on. Grrrrrrrrr.  I gotta say, there are worse reasons to watch a show....

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but every time a commercial for Twilight Breaking Dawn comes on, I find myself getting sucked in.  Yes, okay, I read all the books.  But here's the thing--I hated them!  I saw the first movie and was really shocked at how horrible the acting was.  The reason I can't look away from the Breaking Dawn commercials is because I think it's going to be hilariously awesome.  I mean, the birth scene alone, is going to be EPICALLY BAD.  How much lip-biting can Kristen Stewart do to convey the pain of a vampire childbirth?  I can't wait to see.  I won't see it in theaters, of course, but it would be great to watch with Dana. 

I did a little shopping this weekend, hittin up Herbergers big time.  I was very successful.  I got Jacob a really nice Calvin Klein tie, and a Kenneth Cole dress shirt for $10 each.  Hi-yo! And I got a pair of boots $95 off! 
I also got a pair of fake uggs, which I've already worn around the apartment for awhile to keep my feet warm.  I really don't even care how ugly they are, because I got them for a great price and my feet get cold pretty easily.  I definitely showed the Prairie Hills Mall what's up this weekend.   

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