Thursday, October 6, 2011

Home Again!

Thankfully my airport experience was relatively painless today.  My first flight was only half full, so I ended up having a seat open next to me.  It was pretty incredible, to be honest.  The second flight, however, was totally jam-packed.  The guy sitting beside me seemed nice enough, and he didn't do anything that irritated me (except wearing a pinkie ring).  It was the clown behind me that nearly got my eyeballs stuck n my head from rolling them in frustration.  I'll never understand why adults don't make the connection that if they hit the seat in front of them, the person can feel that and it's super uncomfortable.  Not sure if the guy sitting behind me was heading to Bismarck for some Jiu Jitsu competition and needed to practice on my seat, but he basically spent the entire hour and a half punching my lower back. Look guy, if you can see my ponytail flipping around from your kicking, you need to take it down a couple notches.  A few times, as I was looking over my shoulder, giving him side eye in hopes of making him stop, I noticed that he was resting his hand on the top of my headrest, and a couple times got his fingers in my hair.  After touching my ponytail the first time, wouldn't you realize how intrusive you are?  Obviously not.  At one point I fell into a light sleep and dreamt a spider was crawling up my hand, so  my whole body convulsed and I yelled "BUG!", waking myself up.  Thankfully, the people around me must have seen my eyes rolling back into my head and my mouth wide open only seconds before, so they ignored my exclamatory wake-up. 

When I got home from the airport, Jacob was pulling into the driveway at the same time, so he opened the front door and the boys came running at me.  Even Andy was happy to see me!  In fact, he was so happy, that when he jumped up, he wrapped his paws around my waist to hug me, and his sharp thumbnail ripped my shirt.  I've been giving them both a ton of kisses all night.  Andy's already back to ignoring me, but Oscar still seems happy I came home!

A little bit later, Jacob and I took the boys for their walk, and as we were getting close to home, a lost dog ran across the street towards us and was trying to play with Andy and Oscar.  He had a collar with tags on, so of course we wouldn't just leave him.  I ran the dogs back to our apartment and grabbed a leash and Jacob's cell phone so we could call the owners and look up their address on his phone if they didn't answer.  We were standing on the corner where we initially saw the dog and were trying to figure out what to do, because the owners wouldn't answer and their address was all the way across town--almost an impossible distance and route for this dog to take since it would have had to go under the interstate, and cross several "busy" roads.  As we're trying to figure out what to do, the owner of the duplex whose sidewalk we were on comes out and says "Do you need to be on my grass?"  I looked down and realized we were both like 2 inches off the sidewalk and standing in her grass.  We told her we were just trying to figure out where this lost dog belonged and were trying to return him, and she paused, then, unfazed, repeated, "but do you need to be on my grass?"  Good grief lady, we're trying to make sure this dog doesn't get hit by a car, and you're worried about your crappy, uncut grass?  I rolled my eyes, took one step back onto the sidewalk, and gave her one of these:
Jacob's response was just:
 I mean, I get that some people aren't dog-people, which I understand.  Well...actually I don't.  How you can look at something like a seeing-eye dog, and not see how loving, loyal and caring dogs are?  But that's another rant for another day...Anyways, the thing is, we weren't in a flower bed or anything.  Normally I don't just waltz through people's yards, but we were trying to not move around much, just in case the dog lived somewhere close.  We just wanted to stay right where we found him in case the owners were looking or something.  Thankfully, we ended up finding the owner, and she was VERY relieved and appreciative that we had found him.  Unlike the last people whose dog we found and returned, who promptly put him back in the yard, and was out wandering in the street the very next day.  UGH.  Sorry, that's another rant for another day. 

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