Thursday, February 23, 2012


BREAKING NEWS!  I just saw the Hunger Games trailer for the first time and my adrenaline is pumping like you wouldn't even believe.  I was in the process of rinsing out a bowl in the kitchen when I heard the commercial and I just dropped the bowl and dove headfirst at the remote to rewind and watch the whole commercial.  I'm actually not sure if I broke the bowl...I never went back to check.  After the commercial, which even Jacob admitted looked good (!), we got sucked into a conversation about Peeta vs Gale, and sweet Jacob kept calling Peeta, Peter, and was shocked when I told him he was wrong.  Whatever, anyways, I am so so so so so excited that there's less than a month left until Hunger Games comes out.  If you haven't read the book yet, READ IT.  So good.  Even Jacob, who dislikes books, literature, movies, and general entertainment, enjoyed listening to the audio book and will go see the movie with me (if they show it anywhere in North Dakota...)  Seeing that commercial is making me wish I hadn't lent the books to Dana because I want to read all three this weekend.  Dana, you still have my Hunger Games and Catching Fire, right?  PLEASE TELL ME YOUR MOM DIDN'T BURN THEM!!!

I skipped Bunco tonight because I was feeling really lazy all day and didn't want to have to go to the store and bake something and then stay up late pretending to be social.  So instead I napped, went running at the gym with Jacob, watched tv, and played a couple of you guys on Scramble with Friends.  All in all, it's been a pretty fabulous night.  Minus the super crappy dinner I made.  This week I did something foolish when I made my menu--out of 7 meals, I only planned for one that I've ever made before.  I seriously don't know why I did that because whenever I try new recipes, it normally doesn't go well.  I probably only repeat about 10% of the recipes I try.  Tonight's was definitely not a repeater.  It was a chicken and portobello stroganoff, and I just must have really messed it up because it never thickened up, so it was basically egg noodles in a creamy, brothy soup.  Not good.  Jacob was sweet and ate two bowls.  I ate 1/4 of a bowl, two packets of Fun Dip, and half a peanut butter sandwich.  My dinner was way better than his.

So let me tell you about the important things I'm preparing.  Boys, you're excused here. Anyways, with the Oscars this weekend, I'm working on going through some of my favorite designers from Fashion Week that just ended and picking out the gowns I REALLY want to see.  It's a tough and rigorous job, but somebody's got to do it, you know?  If you have any you're dying to see, let me know.  I'm always curious as to which gowns and/or designers stand out to people.  So here's the thing. While I was going through the shows that just wrapped up for Fashion Week, I came across the Monique Lhullier show, and had to had to be all "girl, why you doin this to me again!?"  You may remember, I've said this about her show before.  (NOTE TO MONIQUE LHULLIER LEGAL TEAM:  Please don't come after me!)  She does beautiful designs, but sometimes they feel a bit too familiar for my liking.  This year, I was especially struck by one gown in particular.
Now, if you had shown me this picture, I would have said "Oh yeah, typical Marchesa..." so I was shocked that this was Lhullier.  Equally shocking to me is that I didn't read anything from other bloggers about this dress being so similar to the Marchesa style. If I was doing a Rorschach test and someone showed me this gown, I would've said Marchesa before my brain even processed it. Just my gut reaction. For example, here are two dresses from Marchesa's Fall 2011 line:
To me, if you combine those dresses, you end up with something VERY similar to the Lhullier dress.  I don't know, maybe other people don't see it and I'm just biased because of the lace (especially the red lace) and tulle which are SO Marchesa, but I think this is just a bit to referential.  If you click on the pictures and look at the detailing, I just see a lot of similarities that surprise me.  If I were Georgina Chapman, I'd be waltzing over to Monique Lhullier and being all passive aggressive like "Oh hey girl, love your dresses.  I was going through a similar phase last year."

Anyway, you can see the important things I've been working on over here.  Typical groundbreaking material at our house.  Now time to get back to my Scramble games.  Seriously, I tackle a lot of really important things on a daily basis.

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