Monday, February 6, 2012


This is just going to be a quick post since I'm still exhausted from not getting enough sleep this weekend or last night. Thanks for the prayers for my sister and Jacob's mom. My sister I think is still in the hospital--I didn't get to talk to anyone in my family who would know anything today so I'm not sure what the latest is on her. When I talked to her the other day she seemed like typical Angie--not complaining or talking about herself and willing to let me ramble on about my pretty insignificant life. She gets that from our mom.

This weekend, as some of you know, Jacob's mom was in the hospital with a cracked rib and collapsed lung. She slipped on some bleachers at Timothy's soccer game and took a really hard fall. Thankfully she's home now, and despite some shortness of breath and discomfort, I think she's feeling much better. Hopefully she can take it pretty easy so her body can actually heal and she won't have to cook or do chores. (hint: Emily that's your cue).

I realized today that Valentines day is coming fast and I need to get on the ball if I'm going to get Jacob's present. We aren't huge on valentines day, but I normally like to get him a little something every year and bake him some sort of delicious treat. I also ask for a gift card to a massage place every year but that's yet to happen... Anyways, this year I'm super pumped because I know exactly what I want to get Jacob. Unfortunately he'll be gone that whole week for training in Houston so I'll have to wait to give it to him, but that's probably best since I haven't even bought it yet so I'm fairly certain it will be late.

For the second time in less than a week I had a total brain fart and wasn't able to filter something that I thought before saying it to a total stranger. Friday night, around 10pm (after happy hour at Applebee's!) Jacob and I remembered we desperately needed toilet paper, so we stopped at the local store on the way home and I ran in to buy the tp while Jacob waited in the car. Let me preface this by saying that I have always felt extremely awkward when I go to the store for JUST toilet paper. In my mind the cashier sees me buying just rolls of toilet paper and they think I ran out while pooping and am going straight home to finish my business. It's not logical, but it's the way my mind works. Anyways I always feel like I need to be very apologetic when buying it, like I'm offending the cashier with my crassness. So, since I like to be cost effective, I walk up to the register Friday night with nothing bit my 24 pack of double rolls and am trying to play it cool to my 16 year old cashier, Brian, who for sure thought I had the runs. I was totally quiet until he handed me my receipt and innocently said "have a good night" to which I responded with holding up the toilet paper, shrugging, and saying "we'll see". I really and truly have no idea why I said that to the poor guy and his look of discomfort and disgust didn't kick in until I was walking out the door, but once it did, I was almost crying laughing so hard. Poor Brian.
Tonight my lack of filter kicked in at the gym as I was following a young couple in. I got irritated when they stopped in front of the women's locker room, blocking the door for me to go in because they didn't want to stop holding hands. The girl started to go into the locker room, but the boyfriend stopped her, saying "no don't leave me!". Maybe it was because they were ignoring the fact that they were completely in my way that made me think I could say something, but without thinking I just said "wow. That's dysfunctional.". The good news is that they realized I was standing there so I was able to wriggle past them. The bad news is that they obviously hate me.

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