Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Boring Day at Work

Today was sooooo slow today at work. At about 9:18, I realized I had blown through my work for the day and needed to somehow keep myself busy until noon. At one point I killed three whole minutes unwrapping a Jolly Rancher, which I feel is pretty good. I dare you to beat it. At one point I had spent about fifteen minutes eating a clementine, and when I finished, I got up to wash my hands and was walking back to my desk to throw the orange peel away. Someone walked in to my office and for some reason I completely panicked. I sprinted to my desk and tried to sweep the orange peels off my desk and sat down really quickly. Unfortunately the peels didn't make it to the trash can and I was sitting on them. I'm sure the person had to notice and they were wondering what form of autism I have, but I just played it cool and sat on those orange peels until she left. On the plus side I was able to spend 15 minutes after she left cleaning my pants off, so that was a good time waster.

Tonight I went to boot camp again and it was brutal (I would italicize that if the iPad let me). We spent the first 30 minutes doing lunges with the body bars and then had to run stairs for 15 minutes. The small tears in my muscles must have spread to my brain because after the class I thought I would still try to get my 2.5 mile run in. As soon as I started running I knew I wouldn't be able to finish and I should just get as far as I could. I can't even describe how weird my legs felt. It wasn't that they were jello yet, but it almost felt like I had been in leg casts for the past thee years and I was learning to walk again. I had to use my upper body to get the momentum for each step so I'm pretty sure my shoulders and arms were all over the place. I did only a mile before deciding that I really should stop because my legs felt like they were buckling. Ever seen those videos of people during ironmans where the fatigue overcomes them and they start to fall all over themselves like they've gone boneless? Even though my workout can't even begin to compare to an ironman, that's what I felt like.

I have a confession to make and I'm actually quite embarrassed about it. I've realized that I actually want to see the new Reese Witherspoon movie, This Means War. As a rule, I do NOT like romantic comedies. I find them to be cheesy, predictable, and unfunny. However, the part where Tom Hardy is cackling laughing is just too charming for even me to ignore, so I'll have to see it. Not until it comes out on DVD, mind you, but I'll see it.

Today we finally got the right front door put on! Hooray! I'm so glad that ugly one with the flower is gone. Its kind of crazy that it took almost two months to change out a door, but whatever, I'm happy with the new one. It's plain, but its what I wanted.

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