Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post-Volleyball Aches

Tonight was my first time playing on my boss's volleyball team. I was pretty nervous beforehand because I just really didn't want to suck and embarrass myself. Turns out those were wasted worries. Other than whiffing on every serve, I played fine, but that didn't matter since we lost all three games by at least 15 points. We aren't exactly competitive. It was fun though. Jodi's friends are funny and when she leaves the office she becomes even goofier and it was really fun to play with her. Unfortunately being down 23-6 didn't stop my instincts from kicking in and I took a few too many dives. Right now my knees are so sore and swollen its unbelievable. The eggs on my knees look like Yoshi could pop out any moment and start eating Koopa shells and breathe fire. I'm going to have some insane bruises tomorrow, so I might have to take pictures.

Tonight after the game I skipped going to the bar with the team because I had to run to the store to get a few things. I was getting pretty hungry so I did some impulse shopping. Jodi had mentioned before our volleyball game that she had gotten Chinese food for dinner. That sounded incredible, and my hunger pains clouded my better judgment and I got frozen chicken fried rice for dinner. It was just as terrible as you can imagine and now I find myself wishing I'd stuck with my fail safe--the sandwich. I'm sorry I ever doubted you, sandwich.

While I was at walmart, I decided to browse through the 50% off Valentines candy. (impulse shopping!). I ended up getting some fun-size Fun Dips and treated myself to a 50 cent box of chocolates. I kind of shrugged and tossed them into my basket just because they were so cheap. Later on the phone, I was telling jacob about the cheap chocolates as I got them out of the fridge. I was just like "These are always so terrible. I really just like to get them for the surprise and adventure. I probably won't even touch them." I looked down and BOOM they were all gone. Guess they were worth the 50 cents.

I have been missing Jacob like crazy today. I hate pulling into the garage and seeing his car but he's not home. That sounds really morbid--he's not dead, just in Houston! Anyway, I'm just so ready for him to come home. Today he called me (woke me up from a nap but whatever) and was asking my ring size. I told him, but reminded him that he really didn't have to bring me back a valentines present. He tried to play it off and was like "ohhh no reason, I was just wondering". I love him, but he's seriously the worst liar. Oh well, its a sweet thought. I was really tempted just to say to him "That's really sweet and all but there are some really cute fossil necklaces from Herbergers that I've got my eye on that I could find some coupons for..."

So I found out that someone I knew from high school and college had a baby boy and his middle name is Asher. When I heard that I had to laugh because it made me think of this story about my nephew, Luke. When Luke was in pre-k (kindergarten??), he had gotten his school class picture and had it framed on the wall. I was looking at the picture with him, and noticed the big boy in the center of the front row, who definitely stood out from the rest of the kids. I didn't say anything because I assumed there was something developmentally wrong with him and I wasn't gonna be a jerk. After asking about some of the cute girls in the picture, he said emphatically, "don't ask me about the boy in the blue shirt!!", referencing the boy I had noticed. I said sympathetically, "oh yeah? What's wrong with him?" I was totally prepared for a heart to heart about how some kids are just different and you shouldn't make fun of anyone. What I was NOT prepared for was Lukes response of "I HATE HIM!". Turns out the boy, named Asher, was just a big goof and bully and he got on Luke's nerves. Every time I went in to his room after that and would look at the picture, I'd ask how his best friend Asher was and he would roll his eyes and sigh very dramatically. Oh Luke. I love you.

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