Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Oscar!!!!

So today is Oscar's birthday.  I can't believe it's been two years since we brought him home looking like this:
He was so skinny and and just not healthy and it was so sad to see how neglected (at best) he had been.  I am so thankful everyday that God gave us Oscar.  He has turned out to be the most loving and loyal best friend I could ever ask for.  He and Andy are such perfect brothers and they interact so well that I know God always intended for us to have both of them.  Whoever had Oscar before us that mistreated him and abandoned him was just a means to an end.  He had to belong to that person so that he could get abandoned in MY neighborhood so MY brother-in-law would see the "Found Dog" email and forward it on to MY sister to suggest him for ME.  (Thanks again, Jonathan!)

Oscar is just the light of my life.  He's fulfills every sappy cliche in romantic comedies for me--I want to grow old with him, when I think of him my heart swells up so much it hurts, and I hate being away from him for even one minute.  I wish I could speak in dog words to tell him how happy he makes me, but I know he already knows that.  I've known some amazing dogs in my life and I've never known a dog to be so loving and so joyful to be around me as Oscar is.  As I type this, he's curled up at my feet sleeping, but every time I stop typing he wakes up, looks at me and wags his tail.  I really just couldn't love him anymore.  I am so so so thankful for these two years and that God thought specifically of us when He created Andy and Oscar.  I love this sweet black puppy more than anyone would ever know and I'm glad he's my crazy little guy.

Happy adopt-iversary Oscie!! I love you more than I could ever say!!!!!

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