Monday, February 13, 2012

Lazy day with the boys

Well the boys and I have made it through our first day without Jacob. There was a lot of sleeping and perhaps more trashy television. Also, three sandwiches and four pop tarts. I like to carbo-load when Jacob leaves.

Work today was....pretty easy. I was fairly busy for the first couple of hours and then went to our weekly Monday meeting, but since two of the people in our office were out today and one guy was still at lunch, it was just my boss and I. Somehow we made a fifteen minute meeting last over two hours. Meeting over, time to go home. That's not a bad deal at all.

Update on my Vancouver half training: nonexistent. That boot camp last week knocked me out so bad that I was painfully sore until yesterday. So much so that running was completely impossible. Honestly I had a hard time sitting down to use the bathroom. At one point I was struggling so hard to sit down in the stall at work, so finally I kicked both legs up at once and fell back on the toilet and thought I broke my tailbone. Also today I had an incident in the bathroom when I was pulling my pants back up. Somehow my thumbnail clawed me super hard and I was convinced I was going to bleed through my pants. It was going to get really embarrassing if I had to ask a coworker for a pad "oh you're on your period? That sucks". "No, but I need to cut my fingernails. I'll just be sticking this on the butt of my pants. No biggie". ANYWAYS, back to the training--so today was the first day that I wasn't too sore to work out, but I was stuck by some intestinal issues and never made it to the gym. Tomorrow I'm hoping to be back on track though, so we'll see how it goes.

Poor Andy still hasn't figured out that Jacob isn't coming home soon. Ever since we got back from our walk this afternoon, Andy has been laying at the top of the stairs waiting for Jacob to walk in. Poor goof. Oscar is adjusting just fine to our quality time, of course. Last night I was doing the laundry and when I brought a clean load upstairs to be folded, I dumped it all on the couch and before I could do anything, Oscar was laying on all of it. I know he loved it at first because it was straight out of the dryer and felt so warm, but at this point he's still sleeping on a pile of my socks and underwear so I'm not really sure what the appeal is there.

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