Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Meltdown #2

Winter meltdown number two is under my belt now. Last night I had a complete breakdown to Jacob on the way to the grocery store. I can't remember what even caused it, but I had a full blown hissy fit. My lip was sticking out and quivering, I was hyperventilating, and I couldn't get through a whole sentence because of my overwhelming sobs. Winter depression is totally real, you guys. I think I might have a more specific version called North Dakota winter depression.

Tonight was the most frustrating volleyball game so far. Before the game started, we only had three players there (you need four to play), meanwhile the other team had like 15 subs. The ref was a super stickler, and was counting down the seconds aloud before we had to forfeit the first game. Literally one minute after she blew the whistle that we'd forfeited the first game, we had a player show up, so we started game two. This team was young--all the girls were my age or younger and looked super athletic. We started the game in our typical fashion, losing the first 5 points because we couldn't even return the serve. On the sixth serve, we finally manage to string together two passes and get the ball over the net. What does the other team do? Set it up and barely dink it over the net so the four of us have no chance of getting it. Keep in mind, I'm the youngest person on my team by 15 years. No one on my team is going to be diving for any tipped balls. When that ball barely landed over the net, my boss unleashed a string of expletives to the other team you wouldn't believe. It was pretty annoying. So out of the two games we played, I think we scored a total of 12 points. At one point, this one girl, who was a killer server, had served 10 aces in a row and my boss just yells out "hey you wanna throw us a bone and serve underhand?". She didn't and I think she scored another five or six points. I can't imagine what we'd do if we ever won a single game. No, scratch that, I can't imagine what we'd do if we were ever in a close game. That's like one of those things your brain just doesn't have the ability to comprehend like eternity, or Heaven, or the chocolate wonderfall at Golden Corral.

Can we talk Dance Moms for a second? Those of you not watching this show are missing out. Last nights episode was incredible. Seriously, if you took the transcribed dialogue from the show, a college lit class could dissect it for its drama, intrigue, and themes. Some of the more prevalent themes include: good vs evil, racial oppression, betrayal, and heartache. Also there was a dog in a stroller. You guys--it's so good. I cried TWICE during the episode. Yes, Mom, I know, I'm very hormonal, but it was also so emotional! You need to be watching this show. Your only excuse is if you have an extreme aversion to listening to someone speak who obviously needs their adenoids removed. Because Abby is a nasal, mouth-breathing monster.

I decided one thing I'm going to do from now on (that won't be at all annoying), is to say "absotootley" every time I really mean "absolutely".

Last night for dessert I made blackberry and blueberry crisp and I hate to say its already all gone. It's just such a delicious treat, especially with some ice cream... Between the rice krispies I downed in like a day and now this crisp, I'm thinking I need to take a break from baking desserts. Otherwise it will be insulin- city for me.

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