Sunday, February 12, 2012


Well Friday was kind of a crappy night for me.  I had convinced Jacob that we should go get something to eat to celebrate Valentine's Day since he's going to be gone all of this week, and I really didn't feel like cooking.  He agreed and was willing to have a relaxing night with the takeout and watch a movie on the projector.  Since that's infinitely better than the chores he normally wants to do when he's home, I was ready to get moving to get the food and movie before he changed his mind.  We had agreed on a movie (Super 8--more on that later) and he let me pick the food.  Since I was weirdly craving fried chicken, I decided on KFC.  Jacob was snuggling on the couch with Oscar watching a basketball game, and in no hurry to go get the food since he'd gorged himself on chips and dip as soon as he got home from work, so we decided I would just run to the Redbox and to KFC and back.  My excited mood about our house-date was dwindling while waiting in line outside at the Redbox.  It was literally 3 degrees and the person in front of me was taking too long for my liking.  6 minutes and 10 frozen extremities later, I was headed back to my car to get the chicken.  I should've realized my second irritating encounter was a signal that things weren't going well when I pulled into KFC and saw a school bus parked out front with a load of hockey boys ordering inside.  I went through the drive-thru, but the person inside was so busy waiting on the hockey team (teams?!), that they said "just a minute", and I sat like a dummy with my window down in the 3 degree weather for 10 minutes before they came back to take my order.  I ordered the 7 piece meal, to which she replied "hmm...I don't know if we have enough chicken left for that."  WHAT?!?!  THIS IS KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN.  It's 7 pm on a Friday night and you think you might be OUT?!  How is that even possible?  Thankfully she came back with "7 pieces?  Yeah, we can swing it."  I'm not sure what she told the car behind me in the drive-thru, or if they just locked the doors and flipped the "OPEN" sign to "CLOSED" but I was smiling like Garfield on lasagna day as that greasy bucket got handed through my window.  Less than two minutes after pulling out of KFC, and enjoying the smell of chicken, I was tempted to sneak a bite before I got home, but I figured I could wait.  Unfortunately at that very moment some guy was pulling out of a parking lot and pulled right into the side of my car.  I hadn't turned or done anything.  He just didn't see me and pulled into the road.  I honked when I saw him, but he had a massive truck with a huge piece attached to his grill guard for carrying around pipes, so the poor Camry didn't stand a chance.  He hit me right around the driver's side rear tire and over the sound of swearing, I could hear that I was dragging my bumper into the parking lot I turned into.  I was super scared when it happened, and called Jacob sobbing.  When I got out of the car several people asked if I was okay.  I was saying yes and nodding, but I was also wiping a lot of mascara off my face.  I've never been hit before and it freaked me out!  Thankfully, as far as accidents go, this one was pretty painless.  Neither one of us in the accident were hurt at all, and my car got some damage, but nothing that impairs the driving--just cosmetic stuff.  There happened to be a Sheriff in the parking lot of the gas station the accident happened in front of, so when I honked at the guy who hit me, the Sheriff saw the whole thing.  He called the police department for us and they were there really quickly.  The man who hit me was super apologetic and obviously felt terrible, since he knew it was completely his fault.  Both the sheriff and the police officer were very nice and friendly and Jacob came up to sit with me while we waited for the police office to file the incident report.  The worst part (besides actually getting hit) was standing outside for 20 minutes talking to the Sheriff, then waiting for the police officer and talking to him while it was so cold outside.  I was shaking uncontrollably and my fingers had moved past number to really hurting from the cold.  Once the cop got started on the incident report, though, I was able to wait in my car with the heat blaring.  I have a feeling this next process is going to be a headache, dealing with the insurance to get my car fixed, but otherwise I'm totally fine and over the whole thing.  It just really scared me when it happened.  Also, it was an hour before getting home to eat my KFC, so our chicken was kinda soggy.  STILL DELICIOUS.  So much so, that the next morning, Jacob (who is completely opposed to fried chicken) said he wouldn't be against going to KFC again that day.  It might not sound like much, but friends, that is a ringing endorsement from Jacob.  It's like 10 gold stars.  Anyways, here's some pictures of poor Princess.  She's looking a little ghetto now, but she'll be back to beautiful in no time.

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