Thursday, February 9, 2012

TV watching

Right now I'm watching the First 48 on A&E, which is totally a guilty pleasure for me. Yes, people died, but it's so interesting to see the process that the police go about to solve the crime. One thing I have learned in the 100+ hours I've invested into the series is that I will never go to Miami. I think 75% of the episodes are about murders in Miami. And they're all in the same section of Miami. People, it's probably time to move.
Also, I would like to know how cold they are keeping these interview rooms. No matter what city they are in, whenever they bring suspects in to be questioned, they always have their arms pulled tight into their shirts like 6 year old who get cold. One of my favorite things about watching is when they are interviewing suspects and they start talking and using a lot of street slang. Despite being able to hear what the suspects are saying and having captions, the narrator explains what is being said. It's basically like, "okay let me translate for all you white people out there.". Hey, just because I'm white doesn't mean I'm not street smart!.....but that's fine if you want to reiterate what the suspect is saying.

Today I got recruited by my boss to play on her city league volleyball team. I was a little nervous to say yes since she seems pretty athletic and I know she played in college, but then she said they've lost every game this season and they went to the bar to get drinks before the game. Oh, alright. I think we'll be just fine then.

Jacob will be gone this weekend and I have a free redbox rental I plan on taking advantage of while getting in a good snuggle with Oscar. Anyone seen anything good recently? I need some suggestions. So far I'm thinking Drive, The Ides of March, Crazy Stupid Love (I swear I don't have a thing for Ryan gosling), or Super 8. Any thoughts? Dana you saw Super 8, right? Any good?

Now that the First 48 is over, I have stumbled on to an old friend, the Game Show Network. Jacob used to give me a hard time when I would watch Lingo, but in hindsight those were the glory days because they had a respectable host--Chuck Woolery. Now it's hosted by Bill Engvall and considerably flashier, but still a solid game at its core. As much as Jacob tries to make fun of me when I watch it, he will play right along with the contestants and only get up during commercial breaks. It's not just letters, it's Lingo!


  1. I loved Super 8! It reminded me of 80s movies like The Goonies or The Sandlot (although I have seen and refuse to see either). I AM however dying to see Crazy Stupid Love which I heard was incredible AND has Emma Stone it, obviously a winner

  2. My old roommate and I watched Lingo ALL THE TIME. And you should have come here and made Valentines at my house this weekend. I'm having a party tomorrow. :)

  3. Crazy Stupid Love!!!!! There's parts that may feel a little slow but it has a 5 min wrap up scene at the end that is HALARIOUS! I think Daniel and I have rewatched that scene like 100 times.