Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting Pretty Dumb

Lately I've noticed that I'm becoming stupid.  Today especially I was having a really hard time with every single task I did at work.  After tripping on my own desk 4 times, I threw myself down in my chair in frustration, and somehow that messed up the lever, so over the course of a minute my chair sunk lower and lower, like the legs were being pulled into quicksand.  Because I'm an idiot now, I didn't even notice until my chin almost hit the desk.  I tried to fix it, but couldn't figure out how, so after twenty minutes of resting my chin on my desk, I swapped the chair out with my coworker's.  She's never even in the office, so she won't notice.  I got really frustrated/frazzled when I realized that my email containing the huge file I needed to send for my deadline yesterday never went through, so I had to frantically contact the printers to have them rush it through.  I needed to vent, so I sent an email to Jacob with the subject line "It's just not a good day", except halfway through my tirade of whining in the email, I realized the subject line said "it's just not a good".  That's about right.  Seriously, it's like all the Dance Moms and Real Housewives have caught up to me, because it feels like there must be a hole in my head where my brain cells are leaking out.  For example, last night I was watching the season finale of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and the scene after Paul gets his colonoscopy and keeps farting was easily the greatest moment of my life.  I think I watched it ten times and was crying and laughing so much I nearly "through the nose"ed my cranberry juice. 
See what I mean about my intellect?  It's just gone.  Also, who exchanges air kisses with their butt doctor?!  COME ON.  Anyway, I need to figure out what's clogging up my ability to think because as it is now, I'm exactly like Elaine in the episode of Seinfeld where she gets dumb and it SUCKS.

Tonight for dinner I tried to recreate a meal that Jacob really loves from a restaurant in town.  It's called Jambalaya Pasta, and the description probably won't sound great, but it's really good, so trust me on this.  Anyways, the way it's served in the restaurant is penne pasta, sausage, chicken, peppers and onions, all mixed together in barbecue sauce.  I know, I know, it sounds weird, but it's good.  Anyways, I made it tonight (with the help of Aimee) and I really like it.  I just cooked some chicken earlier today and cut it up into smallish chunks, then I cooked some sausage and also cut it up.  When I was ready to make dinner, I sauteed a green pepper (diced) and half an onion in a little bit of butter.  Then I added the sausage, chicken, and about half a small bottle of barbecue sauce (I like it saucy), and put it all on low while my pasta cooked in another pot.  When the penne finished, I drained it and put it into the barbecue mixture to toss it all together.  And that's it!  It's really good if you use a spicy bbq sauce, it just gives it a little kick.  If you like barbecue, it's definitely worth trying because it's a super easy dinner, and Jacob LOVED it. 

The only challenge to preparing dinner tonight was the injury I acquired while boiling my chicken.  I'm pretty lazy when it comes to meals that require pre-cooked chicken.  Unless it's chicken salad, I usually just boil the chicken in some water and chicken broth because it's so easy and takes zero effort.  Plus my dogs love the smell of boiling chicken water.  I honestly think that smell could bring Oscar out of a coma.  So anyway, my broth had just started boiling, and I was trying to add the raw chicken to the pot without splashing the boiling liquid back on my hands.  In an attempt to drop the chicken in quickly, I managed to splash a bunch of the boiling broth out of the pot, and some went directly into my eyeball.  I tell you, it's not the greatest feeling in the world.  It also leaves a foul odor in your eyelashes and will make your mascara run for the next twenty minutes.  Remember what I said earlier about getting dumb?  I meant it. 

Okay, I want some serious prayers for my sister, Angie, who is in the hospital right now because of blood clots.  Dana--if you could get your mom on this, that'd be great.  Angie's doing fine and they're gonna get it all sorted out soon, I just worry about her.  It's been almost ten years since her last blood clot and that was just such a scary experience for all of us, that we worry about her.  Like I said, she's doing fine, but I just want her to start feeling better and get this bed rest done with so she can start feeling normal again.  If you're reading this because you're bored on bedrest, Beetle, I love you and I'll call you soon!  Anyways, just keep her in your prayers, please.  

This is just a little plug now that I'm sort of working in the health care field.  Friday is national Wear Red Day to benefit the American Heart Association.  Heart disease is the number one killer of women, and kills more women than all cancers combined.  Crazy, huh?  If it's something that is personal to your family or friends, you can donate to the American Heart Association, or just plan a little red party with some friends or coworkers.  Otherwise, just show your support for the cause and wear something red on Friday.  A shirt, a sweater, or a red dress.  Me, I'll probably keep it pretty low key.  I was thinking something along the lines of this:
After all, it does have to be office appropriate, you know what I mean? 
Side note: how far has Holly Madison fallen that she's modeling clubwear for some random crappy clothing company/brothel? Yeah she's famous for being a slut, but she had a tv show at one point! Come on girl, pull yourself together. When she looks back on her decisions, who do you think she most regrets sleeping with, Criss Angel or Hugh Hefner?

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