Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thanks Global Warming!

Today was super gorgeous.  Above and beyond what I would expect for winter in NoDak on January 26th, that's for sure.  I think it may have been 40 degrees, so most of the snow and ice that was left over has melted.  I'm pretty sure it's going to snow tonight, but that's okay.  I won't complain because today was awesome.  I ended up taking the dogs for a long walk this afternoon (like I said in my earlier post).  I wanted to wear them out since we don't get to take walks everyday now, since it's way too cold some days.  I ended up walking them out of our neighborhood and to the community center which has a path around the outside that's just over a mile long.  We were halfway through the mile long path when we turned a corner so we were walking along the street of a busy-ish road (for our town, anyways).  At this point, we'd already been walking in the sun for about half an hour, and the thick knit mittens I'd worn were starting to make my hands hot.  I took the mittens off, shoving them in my jacket pockets along with the plastic Walmart bags I had in case the dogs pooped.  Just to give you a picture, my jacket has front angled pockets that hit right at the bottom of my ribcage.  In each pocket I had one mitten and one plastic bag, so I had two grapefruit sized bulges protruding from my midsection.  I legitimately had a solid C cup worth of plastic bags and knitwear shoved into my pockets.  I noticed as a truck was driving by that the driver (a younger guy) did a double take when he saw me.  At first glance I think he thought he'd spotted a girl with a great rack walking around, but then his second look was one of horror, as he realized that what he assumed to be breasts needed some sort of steel bra to support what was sagging so horrifically.  The look on his face was priceless.  I thought it was a pretty great unintentional prank until I realized that the reason he thought that was my full pockets were my chest was because nothing else was showing through my puffy jacket.  Guess the joke's on me since I'm built like a 7th grade boy.

Here's a great example of why Dana and I are friends.  I got an excited text from her today, asking if I'd seen the new Elie Saab Spring Collection.  I had barely finished the text before I was lunging at the iPad, pulling up the pictures as quick as possible.  It felt like Christmas morning.  I was definitely not disappointed.  Just like any Elie Saab collection, I'm totally in love with each dress and wish I had the money and/or occasion to wear them.  Here's what needs to happen.  Somehow I need to become famous for something so I can wear those dresses for free.  Realistically, though, I don't see celebrity status in my future, so it looks like all the pressure is on Jacob to become a big-wig at his company so we can become society people.  I'll do a Gala or benefit every night if I get to wear one of those dresses.  I don't care what the cause is.  It could be H.O.O.P for all I care.
Anyway, you should check out the collection.  My favorites are the ice blue ones, but with a little tweaking, I would kill to wear that wedding dress. 

Isaac update:  I got to Face Time with the brave boy today.  He couldn't talk and he seemed to be uncomfortable, but he was really brave and everything went well with the surgery.  My sister said he was a Jello monster, so maybe tomorrow she can use some crazy cookie cutters or something to make the jello even more exciting for him.  Thanks for all the prayers and please continue to pray that his recovery goes well and his pain lessens daily.

I squealed with excitement today as I was coming home from work a different way and discovered that the shopping center in front of my house is going to have a Little Caesars!!  I can't even imagine how many Hot N Ready's we'll get from there, but it's probably going to be more than 15 but less than 75.  I know not everyone likes Little Caesar's, but I could eat Crazy Bread every day of the year.  Brinson and I were talking about pizza places a few months back and he asked me what I thought of Little Caesar's.  When I told him I loved it, he was open-mouthed and speechless.  After a few seconds he goes "You're kidding, right?"  He then proceeded to tell me (direct quote) "To me, it's just not quality pizza."  When did this 12 year old become such a foodie?!  I think he was judging me for loving them so much, but I can't help it.  Buddy, when you're old and wise, you'll appreciate the beauty of a $5 pizza.  Also exciting is that going next door to the Little Caesar's is Pita Pit.  I'm mostly excited because I know that it makes Tom jealous that I'll be like 2 minutes walking distance from a Pita Pit.  I can't wait to tell him the first time we go there and I get a Chicken Crave.  WITHOUT SPROUTS.
I know him well enough to know that if he's reading this, he just sighed, rolled his eyes and said "you're stupid."  Love you too, Tom!!!!!

If you notice weird things happening with the blog over the next couple of days it's because I'm trying to change the background.  I switched it for a little bit earlier, but it got super messed up and was irritating me, so I tried to switch it back.  Somehow half the page was frozen into the old template, and then it faded into the new one, like my blog was having some sort of stroke.  I'll try to get it sorted out this weekend (in between all the chores Jacob already said he wants to do), so hopefully there will be a new and exciting look to the blog soon! 

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