Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Still waiting

Today work was pretty crappy. It's going to be a crazy busy week, and unfortunately tomorrow is Wednesday and I've gotten nothing accomplished except for filling my inbox to capacity so I can no longer receive emails. In the 8 hours I've worked in the last two days (YES, I'm complaining about a part time job) five of those hours have been in pointless and seemingly endless meetings. Is it too early to consider retirement?

I've just finished helping Jacob with one very essential task--holding the shop vac to the ceiling while he drills holes. I guess looking directly into the dust and letting debris fall into your eyeballs is preferable to letting it just fall to the ground and then vacuuming it from there. I'm waiting for my next task, which will probably be equally fun.

It's super cold in the basement, so naturally I took the jacket to my sweatsuit off and put it on Andy like a person would wear. Unfortunately he's a bit too husky for it to fit around him and get both sleeves on, but he seemed to enjoy the feeling of velour on his fur. How could you not?

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