Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Stuff

Jacob and I are currently ending a perfectly lovely weekend with bad moods, thanks to the ongoing projector installation process.  I should say, the culprit of our foul moods is the projector screen, which is proving more difficult to hang from the ceiling than one might think.  I would say on a scale from exuberant to rageaholic, I'm somewhere between ill-tempered and sullen, and I think it's headed towards grouchy very quickly.  I know this projector thing is great for Jacob because he loves the project and he's gonna be so happy when it's completed, but I DO NOT enjoy helping.  It's just too stressful and I hate every minute of it.  And it's the exact opposite of how I want to end my weekend.
I just hate feeling like I'm constantly on-call when Jacob's working on a project.  I can never get more than like 15 feet away from him because the second I do, he needs me to help him with something.  So far today, I've tried to fold 4 loads of laundry and for each load, it took about 4-5 tries to get everything folded because the second I lay something out, Jacob needs me to help him. 

This weekend Jacob was in a shopping mood, and, excited about his projector, he wanted to get furniture to put in our living room downstairs.  After much debate (and three trips to Ashley Furniture), we ended up getting a pretty sweet sectional with a chaise (HOORAY!) and a super comfy recliner that we found on clearance.  I know, I know, recliners aren't the most stylish thing when it comes to decorating, and if an interior decorator walked into my house, he'd probably be horrified.
 But honestly, there are SO MANY other things in my house that would stop a decorator in their tracks,
 so I'm not too worried about how lame it is to have a recliner.  Personally I think it's comfortable and attractive, and DOESN'T look like it's been filled with farts (Dana).  Plus it was cheap, so win-win.  Speaking of potentially tacky decorations, during our first trip to Ashley, Jacob and I were doing a once over of the whole store, and ended up in the clearance room.  A porcelain accessory caught my eye and made me laugh, so for the heck of it, I decided to see how much it was.  $20 marked down to ONE DOLLAR.  SOLD! 
In case you can't tell, it's two white doves, gazing lovingly at each other.  I carried it around with me, unwilling to let it out of my sight, despite obviously having sat in their store for long enough that they were basically willing to sell it for nothing.  As we continued walking, a sales woman said to me "Oh, you're gonna get the doves, huh?"  I smiled and nodded, and she said "you know what, you can just have them."  Shocked, I looked to the other salesman next to her, who was nodding emphatically saying "yes, yes, you can have them.  Consider it a door prize or a parting gift."  I thanked them profusely and continued walking around with Jacob, hearing the three sales people talking about how they would just give it to me, then they all burst into a fit of laughter.  Even though we were walking farther away, the laughter did not die out for several minutes.  If I had to guess, I'd say the doves were a running joke among the employees, and they were wondering if they'd ever even find anyone to give them to.  Well, guess what, Ashley furniture?  I love weird animal art, and if you've got any other tacky crap, send it on this way, because I WILL TAKE IT.

I've been a bit moody (**EUPHEMISM) lately, so once again I find myself so thankful and happy that Jacob is so patient and level-headed.  While shopping online for the couches we were interested in, I nearly had a meltdown because I was so sick of talking about it.  I just started being rude and snippy and thankfully Jacob is very forgiving.  Although sometimes I do wonder about his intelligence, since I can be one of the most annoying people in the world to deal with.  I guess I'm just so beautiful, it's worth the hassle.  

The dogs had a very stylish day today.  First, they got to put on their new coats.  Andy seems a bit frustrated that he and Oscar have the same coat because he generally gravitates to a flashy aesthetic, but he really needed something a little more butch anyways.
When they came inside and I took their coats off, they both seemed to miss the sassiness of the clothes, so I threw on a couple of scarves I had sitting nearby.   Notice creepy Andy in the background:
I'm not gonna lie, Andy looks really good in that scarf.  I've worn it to work a few times and I always get a ton of compliments on it.  (Thanks Ash!!!!)  Seeing Andy in it, though, makes me glad I don't have to compete for attention with him.  It would be pretty humiliating to lose a "Who Wore it Best?" to your dog.

I was cleaning the house for the first time today (don't judge me!), and I have realized the builder wasn't kidding when he said our circuit breaker was extremely sensitive.  Basically, you can't have a light on in the room you're vacuuming because it trips the breaker and then nothing works in that room.  This circuit breaker is really testing my patience because I can fall out of the cleaning mood VERY quickly, so it's really best to not have me unable to finish a whole room without having to stop to reset the breaker.  Because there is a good chance that when the electricity goes out and I set the vacuum against the wall to wait for Jacob to fix it, that vacuum's probably going to sit there for about three more weeks.  That'll teach it a lesson!

To those interested-Ashley and Dana-here is the picture of my hair from the wedding.  Despite the initial headbutt between me and the hairdresser, I actually think she ended up doing a great job and I really love it.
 Looks like offending her worked out in my favor!

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