Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Post Bootcamp Jello Muscles

Today I went to boot camp for the fourth time in as many weeks, and again I find myself exhausted. In a one hour class, I wouldn't have thought it was possible to do 200+ squats, but we did. We did a lot of work with the body bar, which I always struggle with because I'm such a wimp with weights. Since I struggle in the class and get fatigued really quickly, I was feeling pretty good about myself about 30-40 minutes in as I'm dragging my 9 pound body bar up and down the gym floor while doing lunges. That is I felt pretty good until I realized the lady next to me was using a 24 pound body bar. 24 POUNDS. I seriously don't know how she was doing that. I also don't know how she managed to carry it back out of the gym and upstairs when class was over. I came very close to stopping someone on the stairs and saying "excuse me, virile young man, would you trouble me for a hand and take this body bar from me before I fall backwards down these stairs and crush my brain with my free weights?". I didn't want to be a baby though, so I made it upstairs (barely) and try to play it cool like my body didn't feel as though it had been drained of its blood and replaced with pudding. I was pulling it off until I tripped over my own feet and lunged forward, ramming the person in front of me with my 9 lb body bar. Whoops, sorry for the blood hemorrhage, friend. That'll heal I'm sure.

I found myself very distracted during boot camp today by some girl who wasn't understand the meaning behind my dirty looks. 
For some reason this girl, who I've never seen at the gym before, decided she needed to be the cheerleader for our class.  Like I said before, this is a pretty tough, exhausting class, and anytime we get a break for water, all anyone can do is barely make it to the drinking fountain to get a sip.  In between plyo moves or weight sets, she'd just randomly yell out "alright great job!" or "YES!  We can do it!"  We were in the last fifteen minutes of class which is normally abs followed by stretching.  We were doing bicycles and the instructor was counting down so we knew when to stop.  She gets to 1 and this moron starts clapping for all of us, so proud that we were able to finish.  Immediately the instructor tells us to reverse the bicycles, an obvious progression during an ab circuit, and it seemed to take the girl totally off guard.  She was so busy clapping and cheering for her neighbors she missed half of the reverse bicycles and was totally flustered trying to catch up.  I just don't understand the point of the enthusiasm.  Yes, we were able to do a minute of ankle biters.  I don't need your approval.  While giving her dirty looks, I noticed that for almost every move we did, she could only do about 75% of what the rest of the class was doing.  It was like she was stopping to give herself a rest so that she'd have the energy to clap and cheer for the rest of us when we all finished.  If she's there next week, I might just ask her to tape her hands together before class starts.

Okay I'm soliciting all of your prayers for my sweet nephew Isaac.  He has to have his tonsils taken out tomorrow, and I know it will be no big deal and he'll be just fine, but he could use some prayers.  He's super brave and I'm sure he's not worried at all--he probably thinks he's a total baller for missing school and getting a bunch of cards in the mail.  And he definitely is a baller.  Pray for his parents too, since I can't imagine the stress of knowing your child needs even minor surgery.  It's stressing me out and he's not my little guy.  Love you, Isaac!  Feel better soon!!!!!
This picture is from a few years ago-he looks so little!!!  But I love it so much I had to use it.  He's a brave, sweet little guy and I hope the surgery is quick and painless.

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