Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Well I forgot how much...fun...Jacob is when we own a house.  I love the guy dearly, but all I want to do when I'm home is relax and have a little alone time with the tv.  Do I like to spend time with Jacob?  Of course.  Do I like to spend time with him while he's working on chores?
  Here's the thing.  I hate when I start doing something and then I have to stop to go do another task that I don't feel is necessary.  For example, I've been sitting at this computer for 30+ minutes trying to write this dang thing, and Jacob would say "how about you go through this box?" (which contained non-essential things like notepads and ticket stubs) or "how about you start a spreadsheet so we can plan our vacation for this year?"  Umm.  No.  I'd really rather not.  I want to get this blog done and go to bed.  Yes, I am overly cranky, in case you were wondering, but it's just been like that for the last week and it's driving me bonkers.  I can't even tell you how many times this weekend I'd just be sitting down to watch tv or I'd be cooking and Jacob would be yelling to me that he needed my help.  So I'd put down what I was doing to go help him only to end up standing there for like 30 minutes when he only needed me for about 3.  I was making these Cherry Chocolate Scones over the weekend, and I don't know how many times I had to stop what I was doing and wash my hands off and go help him do something.  It easily took me three times as long as it should have.

Let's get real.  I'm just being a baby because I'm not adjusting well to working and having to rush home, work out, make dinner, clean up and spending no time by myself.  It's driving me insane.  I miss having my days to myself to leisurely work out, run errands and get things ready for dinner.  Now I have to cram everything in right away AND deal with Jacob's overenthusiastic desire to get things done.  ALSO let me just mention I have had this last freaking Harry Potter movie for over A MONTH and have never had the chance to watch it.  Not because I've been that busy, but because every weekend we've been working on chores until late even though MULTIPLE times I've said to Jacob "all I want to do this weekend is watch Harry Potter."  Honestly, I don't think it's too much to ask.  If there was a game he'd want to watch, I would happily do something else while he sat there and did nothing.  Unfortunately that's just not the man I married...Actually he's pretty good about letting me do my own thing, but it's really  hard for me to sit down and relax when he's running around the house, unpacking boxes or setting up wiring or stuff like that.  It's especially hard when we're in the same room.  Somehow, over the last few days, it seems like every time I try to do something non-chore related, somehow Jacob ends up in the same room, unpacking or setting something up.  It shouldn't bother me, but it makes me want to rip each hair off of my body one by one.

Okay I'm going to stop complaining about Jacob now because he's wonderful and I love him and he's great.  I'm just way too cranky and tired to come home from work and only get to cook dinner and do chores.

Today was another extremely cold day, and tomorrow is supposed to be miserable.  On the plus side, I've made it through three straight days of single digit weather, so if anyone is interested in sending me a congratulatory gift basket, message me for my address.

I really need some sort of pick me up to get me out of this funk before bed, and thankfully I've got a friend like Dana to provide me with just the comic relief I need.  I'm not proud to say I watch Dance Moms, but I do.  I'm completely hooked and I think it's hilarious.  One of my favorites is the crazy mom from Ohio and her daughter Vivi-Anne.  They never address the elephant in the room--Vivi's nationality which I assume to be Polynesian.  I'm guessing she's adopted, so if that's the case, good for the crazy mom, because I think that's wonderful.  What's unfortunate is that poor Vivi is being raised by someone who is already allowing her 5 year old daughter to have a mustache.  I don't want to delve into the ethical and moral implications of bleaching or waxing a young child's face, but....help a girl out!  Also, it's incredibly awkward because Vivi's mom owns a dance studio where she is the choreographer and in charge of teaching these young kids how to dance, yet watching Vivi dance is like playing a game of QWOP.

Anyway, here is Vivi in all her glory.  I have to say, just watching this really and truly brought me out of my funk, so thank you Dana.  And thank you, Vivi.
I know she's like 5 and blah blah blah, but she's totally getting upstaged by this gay ginger kid, who's a poor man's Derek from Full House.  (I legit hate when people won't let you embed their videos.  Get over yourself, you jag.  You stole it from someone else!)  Anyways, I hope you enjoy Vivi-Anne.  I know I do.  I also sincerely hope this is enough to entice some of you to watch the show.  I could really use more people to talk Dance Moms with.

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