Monday, January 30, 2012

Basketball Game

Tonight I had to go to Jacob's basketball game because one of his teammates needed someone to watch his baby while he played since his wife was busy. I was a little apprehensive only because I've never met the baby and I always feel a little bit uncomfortable holding babies I don't know. I could never be a baby snatcher. I'd always be like "how do you like to be held? What makes you fussy? DO YOU LIKE ME?!". So anyways, the nervousness was for nothing because little baby Johanna was so.sweet. Such an easy little baby who was just so happy to be held and watch her daddy run around. So I'd say if my baby fever was bad before, it just got dangerous. If baby fever could be converted into degrees Fahrenheit, I should probably be hospitalized. The game was pretty fun, despite Jacob's team having only me and Johanna for fans. The other team was a bizarre combo of like 4 college guys and 2 fifty plus year old men. One man looked exactly like Milton from Office Space. I did notice that a wife of one of the other team's players showed up in sweats and her MukLuks, which made me feel incredible about myself, since I've never worn mine out of the house. It's just nice to be reassured every so often that someone out there is lazier and trashier than you.

The weather today was magical. I think it got to be 50 (!) degrees, and I didn't have to wear my heavy coat when I walked the dogs. I was a little irritated to see people out walking around in short sleeves (one guy wore a wife beater) because, come on people. Yes, its above freezing, but that doesn't make this some tropical location. Its still January in North Dakota, folks. I know winter is going to kick in any day now, and I will hate everything about my life, but for now I am so thankful that God has given us such an incredible first winter here. He's definitely answered a lot of prayers.

Today was a pretty hectic day at work--I had to finish our newsletter to get it sent off to the printers, so I'm REALLY hoping I caught all the typos and errors. If I didn't, I'll probably just set the printing company on fire to burn all the evidence.

If any of you read People magazine, the new issue with Heidi and Seal on it has an article on the lady who went missing in Montana. She is the sister-in-law of one of our doctors in the hospital, so that has really shaken up a lot of people here. Just pray for that family that they have closure and answers.

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