Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Zero Patience

Today I had my appointment with the hematologist. It would have been a complete waste of time had I been there for like 20 minutes, but it was a COLOSSAL waste of time since I was there for two hours. All that for the doctor to say (in the 8 minutes I was with him) he couldn't really do much in this appointment because he wanted to do "a boatload of bloodwork" before he started me on treatment (though he predicts me having to give myself daily shots for the six weeks after the baby is born...). So after waiting 45 minutes for the nurse to order my lab work, I was sent off to the lab. After waiting there several minutes, the lab tech came out and asked me if I was fasting, because for some of the TEN tests, I needed to be fasting. Being an angry pregnant lady who had run out of patience an hour prior, I informed her that though I was extremely hungry since I'd been there since 10am (it was noon), I had not purposely been fasting. She told me I needed to come back tomorrow. I showed her what my eyeballs look like when they roll back into my head and stormed out. Once I got to my car, I called Jacob and had a complete emotional breakdown. I cannot be held accountable for my emotions when I'm that hungry. Also, I'm pretty sure that leaving someone in a small room with no sound or anything to read or do is considered torture. People need stimuli to survive!!! I was in the patient room for a total of an hour and a half and only had human interaction for about twelve minutes total. I had absolutely nothing to do but count, so I would just count to 100 and then start again. I was trying to use it as a calming technique. It had the opposite effect. I would never last in prison.

Unfortunately since the appointment went way long, I had to stay at work late to make up the two hours I'd missed. By the time I got home and walked the boys, I didn't get the chance to go to Herbergers. I won't let anything get in my way tomorrow, though, since the coupon I have is only valid today and tomorrow. Don't worry, Herbergers. I'm coming for you.

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